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GF Handel - March - Berlin Reed Organ
GF Handel - March - Berlin Reed Organ George Frideric Handel born in 1685, was an English Baroque composer of German birth, and is a favorite classical composer among many.
Acis and Galatea- Polyphemus: 'O ruddier than the cherry' by GF Ha
Acis and Galatea- Polyphemus: 'O ruddier than the cherry' by GF Ha In 1717, in addition to writing operas for the London theaters, Handel went to work for the Duke of Chandos at Cannons, his splendid country house in Middlesex, north of London. Here he wrote a magnificent set of anthems for his employer, now known as the Chandos Galatea, to a libretto by John Gay. This was produced at Cannons in 1718. It tells the usual shepherd-meets-shepherdess story, with the difference that the shepherd Acis is killed by a rock, thrown by the jealous one-eyed, Cyclops Polyphemus, and transformed, in the manner of Classical mythology, into a limpid stream. Polyphemus' lustful song 'O ruddier than the cherry' quickly became drawing-room standard and is still a favourite with basses today, a magically conceived aria in this pastoral mini-tragedy. Polyphemus sings: "O ruddier than the cherry, O sweeter than the berry, O nymph more bright Than moonshine night, Like kidlings blithe and merry. Ripe as the melting cluster, No lily has such lustre; Yet hard to tame As raging flame, And fierce as storms that bluster! O ruddier. . . da capo" David van Asch, bass The Scholars Baroque Ensemble
Handel - Concerto Grosso in D Major HWV323 - Mov. 1-3/6
Handel - Concerto Grosso in D Major HWV323 - Mov. 1-3/6 GEORGE FRIDERIC HANDEL (1685-1759) Concerto grosso for two violins, cello, strings and basso continuo in D major Op. 6 No. 5 HWV323 1. [...] 2. Allegro 3. Presto Performed by the Academy of Ancient Music Featuring special guest director Andrew Manze
Handel Aria F major from the opera "Rinaldo". Cello Georg Mertens
Handel Aria F major from the opera "Rinaldo". Cello Georg Mertens To download from iTunes click: To download from Amazon click: Physical CD: Aria de Almirena "Lascia ch'io pianga (Let me weep)" from the opera "Rinaldo", in F major. Georg Mertens - cello, Gavin Tipping - piano Recorded at the launch of the CD " Cello Favourites". More videos from the CD "Cello Favourites" on the same channel: Breval - Sonata C major Allegro Dalla Bella - Giga JS Bach - Suite No I - G major, Prelude & Courante JS Bach - Arioso Popper - Happy (Fond) Recollections G. Marie - La Cinquantaine Tschaikovsky - Valse Sentimental B. Romberg - Sonata e minor, Allegro non troppo Recorded in the 1870's Gulgong 'Prince of Wales' Opera House (NSW Australia) on 6th Dec 2008, a beautiful olden times venue in a tiny little town equipped with a Steinway Grand piano. Apart from giving concerts Georg Mertens teaches cello and Classical guitar in Katoomba / Blue Mountains. This video has been recorded and edited by "bushtrailer"
Der Messias ´´Halleluja´´ (Georg Friedrich Händel) The Messiah
Der Messias ´´Halleluja´´ (Georg Friedrich Händel) The Messiah Hier sehen sie einen kleinen Experimentalfilm zu Händel´s Messias. Die Aufnahmen entstanden rund umWeingarten. (bei Ravensburg) Für die Musik habe ich eine Lizenz ! Ausserdem auf meinem Kanal : Donauwalzer, Wienerblut, Kaiserwalzer, An der blauen Donau, Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald, kleine Nachtmusik, Serenata Nocturna, Moldau, Mondscheinsonate, Moonlight Sonata, La Traviata, Messias, Wassermusik, 5 Symphonie, Air Suite on the G String, Blumenwalzer, Brandenburgisches Konzert, Trauerlieder, Beerdigungsmusik
Rinaldo (overture) - from film "Farinelli il castrato"
Rinaldo (overture) - from film "Farinelli il castrato" Overture of Rinaldo - from film "Farinelli il castrato" Composer: George Frederic Haendel
Händel - Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 1 in G Major, HWV 319 (1/4)
Händel - Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 1 in G Major, HWV 319 (1/4) Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759) "Concerti Grossi Op.6, No.1 in G Major" mov. I - A tempo giusto mov. II - Allegro When someone asked Sir Edward Elgar how he had learned to write so well for strings, his answer was unequivocal: 'You will find the answer in Handel; I went to him for help years ago.' And it is true that the effectiveness and the sheer beauty of the string writing in these Handel concertos is marvellous. With the concertos of Bach, Handel's Opus 6 set of twelve concerti grossi represents the high point in baroque orchestral music. Handel was the greatest cosmopolitan of the age: a German composer, living in London, writing Italian operas. Of course he also wrote a good deal more, such as the oratorios in English which became his stock-in-trade when the Italian opera went out of fashion. For he was an immensely practical musician, who made his way by collaborating with the best artists of the day and working at the highest levels of performance, creating the music the audience wanted, having already made a strong impression on the direction of public taste. The Opus 6 concerti grossi came into being in a manner at once typical of Handel's career. When the concerti of the Italian ex-patriot Bononcini became all the rage in London, Handel's publisher, John Walsh suggested to the great man that he might compose something along similar lines. He duly obliged, and six weeks later he completed these twelve concertos. These twelve concertos are essentially string ...
Handel Sarabande
Handel Sarabande Handel, George Frideric autograph draft score of Messiah HQ audio
George Frideric Händel - El Mesías
George Frideric Händel - El Mesías Este oratorio de Händel es una de las obras más conocidas de toda la historia por todo el mundo. También es una de las obras más versionadas.
Georg Friedrich Handel - Sonata for Flute HMV 367 I-IV
Georg Friedrich Handel - Sonata for Flute HMV 367 I-IV Hi^^ I recently bought four CD's with Baroque music(which is my favorite type of music, BTW), and wanted to share them with you. I'll try to upload 1 video a day. The CD's include: CD #1: Flute Sonatas by Handel CD #2: Flute(The Baroque flute)/Cello Concertos by Vivaldi CD #3: Italian Baroque Compositions CD #4: French Baroque Compositions This is first upload: Sonate En Ré Mineur Pour Flûte Et Basse Continue, HWV 367 Parts I-IV 1. Largo 2. Vivace 3. Furioso 4. Adagio The other parts of the sonata will be uploaded soon, too. Enjoy and have a nice, Baroque'ish summer.