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A Clockwork Orange - Extended Theme Music - 2009 Version
A Clockwork Orange - Extended Theme Music - 2009 Version Welcome to my Spring 2009 Version of the Theme Music from the soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick's futuristic film - A Clockwork Orange - I recorded this version to celebrate my 10th Anniversary On-Line - March 1999 to March 2009 Wow! - Originally my on-line tag line in the olden days of Web1.0 was "Denise in Cyberspace", but since the birth of YouTube and Web2.0 I've updated my channel tag to "Dressed for the Classics" - Enjoy the power, depth & beauty of Henry Purcell's Eternal Theme played on a 20thC Technics PR903 Digital Piano! The photo in the opening titles and closing credits was shot by Denise just before sunset from the rocky peaks of the Valley of Desolation near the Karoo town of Graff Reinet in South Africa - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Originally written by Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695) for the Funeral March of Queen Mary II (Died 28th December 1694) - This 17th Century Classic Processional Funeral March was originally scored for 4 trumpets, and then adapted for the Main Opening Title Theme Music of the 1971 film "A Clockwork Orange" which was directed by Stanley Kubrick. The electronic synthesized soundtrack was orchestrated by Wendy Carlos, together with Rachel Elkind, including adaptations of several other extremely well known classical music compositions including several parts of Beethoven's Chorale 9th Symphony. The full soundtrack also includes excerpts from the William Tell Overture, the Thieving Magpie ...
Trumpet Voluntary -- Henry Purcell
Trumpet Voluntary -- Henry Purcell Visit for bookings and additional media. Serving all of Southern California.
Henry Purcell - Jubilate Deo in D major, Z. 232 / The Choir of Clare
Henry Purcell - Jubilate Deo in D major, Z. 232 / The Choir of Clare ※ Better than / Please, click here (watch in high quality - 480p) ※ Henry Purcell (1659~1695) Te Deum and Jubilate Deo in D major, Z. 232 - Jubilate Deo - The Choir of Clare College, Cambridge Timothy Brown (director) Andrew Manze, Marshall Marcus (violins) Jan Schlapp (viola) Jenny Ward-Clarke (bass violin) Liz Kenny (theorbo) Jonathan Brown (organ) Mark Bennet, Michael Laird (trumpets) from the DVD ' Purcell Sacred Music '
"Dido's Lament," from Dido and Aeneas - Henry Purcell
"Dido's Lament," from Dido and Aeneas - Henry Purcell - This plaintive aria from Purcell's opera, Dido and Aeneas, is the cry of a heartbroken Dido, whose lover, Aeneas, has left her suddenly, without warning. Her grief plunges the ancient queen into a deep depression which results in suicide. Her compassion for those she left behind, including her former lover, is compelling, Her final words speak volumes about her character She pleads, "When I am earth, may my wrongs thy breast....Remember me, but ah! Forget my fate." The guitar is probably one of the best instruments to convey these timeless sentiments without words. Its wide range of tone colors and dynamics can create the emotional tension to convey such depth of feeling. Its heritage, dating back to similar plucked instruments used during that era, helps re-create the setting of the story. Ifyou would like to learn to play this piece and add it to your repertoire, take advantage of the free mini-lesson on this piece, available on Los Angeles Guitar Academy's website, To access sheet music, close-up, slow walk-through clips for this piece and LAGA's complete online classical guitar lesson program to bring your playing up to this level, enroll in a full subscription to LAGA's online classical guitar lessons, LAGA Classical. You can get started today by signing up for a free, no-obligation, three-day trial on the website listed above. For updates on our latest music postings ...
Purcell: O dive custos - Elegy on the death of Queen Mary
Purcell: O dive custos - Elegy on the death of Queen Mary Emma Kirkby, soprano Evelyn Tubb, soprano New London Consort, Martin Neary Text by Henry Parker (1695) O dive custos auriacae domus Et spes labantis certior imperi; O rebus adversis vocande, O superum decus in secundis! Seu te fluentem pronus ad Isida In vota fervens Oxonidum chorus, Seu te precantur, quos remoti Unda lavat properata Cami, Discende caelo non ita creditas Visurus aedes praesidiis tuis, Descende visurus penates Caesaris, et penetrale sacrum. Maria musis flebilis occidit, Maria, gentis deliciae brevis; O flete Mariam! flete Camoenae! O flete, Divae, dea moriente. O sacred guardian of the House of Orange, And certain hope of faltering sovereignty, O thou on whom we call in our misfortunes, Our chiefest glory in prosperity! Whether to thee, prostrate by Isis' stream, Th'Oxonian chorus pays its ardent vows, Or whether they entreat thee, who are laved By hastening waters of the distant Cam, Come down from heaven to visit these thy temples, Bestowed - not thus - upon thy votaries; Come down, to see the sacred hearth and home Of Caesar, and to pass into the shrine. Mary is dead: lament now, O ye Muses! Mary, the brief delight of all our nation; O weep for Mary! weep, O soul of poesy! Weep, goddesses: divinity is dead. (translated by Bruce Wood)
Purcell - Sound the trumpet - J. Bowman, A. Scholl
Purcell - Sound the trumpet - J. Bowman, A. Scholl High resolution and stereo sound: Henry Purcell Come, ye sons of art, Z 323 Birthday Ode for Queen Mary, 1694 "Sound the trumpet" Text: Probably by Nahum Tate In this video: Countertenor 1: James Bowman Countertenor 2: Andreas Scholl Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment From the live performance at Royal Festival Hall Wednesday 11 June 2008 James Bowman, who was the presenter of the concert, and Andreas Scholl singing the duet "Sound the trumpet" from Purcell's ode "Come, ye sons of art" as an encore. Note that James Bowman is 66 years old here and Scholl is 40. "In the time of Purcell, odes were composed by the Master of the Children of the Chapel Royal. Although Purcell was never appointed to head the Chapel Royal, he was a favorite composer of the king, so it fell to him to compose odes for the birthday of Queen Mary II in 1694. Come, Ye Sons of Art, Away was the final birthday ode Purcell composed for Queen Mary; by the end of 1695 both she and Purcell had passed away. 'Sound the Trumpet' is a striking duet for two countertenors. The melody dances over a ground bass as the singers imitate the sound of trumpets." All Music Guide Text: Sound the trumpet till around You make the list'ning shores rebound. On the sprightly hautboy play all the instruments of joy that skillful numbers can employ to celebrate the glories of this day.
Edson Cordeiro - Cold Song - 2008 Teddy Awards
Edson Cordeiro - Cold Song - 2008 Teddy Awards Edson Cordeiro sings this Purcell classic at the 2008 Teddy Awards, as a tribute to the late German singer Klaus Nomi.
PURCELL: Rondeau From Abdelazer Suite (Instrumental)
PURCELL: Rondeau From Abdelazer Suite (Instrumental) Passing Through: - Friends, Please visit my Poet friend "Passing Through's" YouTube channel: , and support him - Thanks :) Henry Purcell (September 10, 1659--November 21, 1695), a Baroque composer, is generally considered to be one of England's greatest composers. He has often been called England's finest native composer. Purcell incorporated Italian and French stylistic elements but devised a peculiarly English style of Baroque music. Abdelazer or The Moor's Revenge is a musical composition based upon the Play Abdelazer by Aphra Behns, a tragedy. Abdelazer is the son of the King of Fez who has been captured and killed by the King of Spain. Devoting his life to revenge, Abdelazer begins by accepting the advances of the lascivious Queen of Spain, and then proceeds to slay the King of Spain, his son, and then the Queen herself. He is finally slain by the King's other son, Philip. Z 570, Incidental Music, Abdelazer or The Moor's Revenge (1695) Movt. 1, Overture Suite Movt. 2, Rondeau Movt. 3, Air Movt. 4, Air Movt. 5, Minuet Movt. 6, Air Movt. 7, Jig Movt. 8, Hornpipe Movt. 9, Air Movt. 10, Song, "Lucinda is bewitching fair" (We appreciate Wikipaedia's contributions in the descriptions here)
Henry Purcell
Henry Purcell Henry Purcell - Rondeau from Abdelazar - In Gabriel's Garden by Wynton Marsalis
Henry Purcell :Trumpet Tune and Air
Henry Purcell :Trumpet Tune and Air Title : Henry Purcell :Trumpet Tune and Air Date: 1685