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Eduardo Tagliatti plays Ravel(Alborada del Gracioso)-Part 1
Eduardo Tagliatti plays Ravel(Alborada del Gracioso)-Part 1 M.Ravel: Alborada del Gracioso. - Part 1 - 23th of July(2008):Recital at MAM(Museu de Arte Murilo Mendes da UFJF/Murilo Mendes Museum),Juiz de Fora,Minas Gerais,Brazil. The Brazilian pianist Eduardo Tagliatti plays at the Piano Recital from the 19º International Festival of Baroque,Ancient and Brazilian Colonial Music,in Juiz de Fora,Minas Gerais,Brazil. In this recital,students from many diferent cities in Brazil were chosen by the wellknown piano teacher Antônio Bezzan(from São Paulo),to play in this event in the end of the festival. -M.Ravel: Alborada del Gracioso. Eduardo Tagliatti,pianista de Juiz de Fora,Minas Gerais. Este evento fez parte da Audição de Piano da classe do professor Antônio Bezzan,do 19ºFestival Internacional de Música Colonial e Música Antiga de Juiz de Fora,Minas Gerais,realizado no MAM(Museu de Arte Murilo Mendes,da UFJF)no dia 23/07/08,as 14 horas.
Arno Bornkamp: Ravel Pièce en forme de Habanera
Arno Bornkamp: Ravel Pièce en forme de Habanera Arno Bornkamp performs Ravel Pièce en forme de Habanera during his concert at Salerno Casino Sociale Red Hall on June 29 2010 with pianist Giulio De Luca. Event organized by Salerno Conservatoire. Dutch saxophonist Arno Bornkamp is the archetype of the modern virtuoso, feeling equally at home in traditional and contemporary repertoire. Hailed as a lyrical musician with a great sense of performance, Bornkamp studied at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam with Ed Bogaard and graduated in 1986 with the highest distinction. He has won many awards, the 'Silver Laurel of the Concertgebouw' and the 'Netherlands Music Prize' among the most noteworthy. The latter enabled him to go abroad, studying in France with Daniel Deffayet and Jean-Marie Londeix, in Japan with Ryo Noda as well as working with composers as Luciano Berio and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Since his 1982 solo debut in Rome, performing the 'Concertino da Camera' by Jacques Ibert, he has played more than 250 concerts with orchestras around the world, including the most important works from the saxophone repertoire in addition to new concerti written especially for him, such as the 'Tallahatchie Concerto' by Jacob TV. In the year 2009 Bornkamp added 3 new works to his repertoire: 'Trois Danses' (orig. for oboe) by Frank Martin and 2 new saxophone concerto's by Joey Roukens and Carlos Michans. Chamber music is also a great love of Arno Bornkamp. He has a long-standing duo with pianist Ivo Janssen and is part of the ...
Maya Plissetskaia: Ravel - Bolero (Coreografia di Maurice Bejart-197
Maya Plissetskaia: Ravel - Bolero (Coreografia di Maurice Bejart-197 La storica e meravigliosa interpretazione di Maya Plissetskaia e de "Le Ballet du XXe Siècle"del Bolero di Maurice Ravel con la coreografia di Maurice Bejart filmata nel 1975. *** The music published in our channel is exclusively dedicated to divulgation purposes and not commercial. This within a program shared to study classic educational music of the 1900's (mostly Italian) which involves thousands of people around the world. If someone, for any reason, would deem that a video appearing in this channel violates the copyright, please inform us immediately before you submit a claim to Youtube, and it will be our care to remove immediately the video accordingly. Your collaboration will be appreciated.
Tributo ad Arturo Benedetti MICHELANGELI: RAVEL piano concerto in G
Tributo ad Arturo Benedetti MICHELANGELI: RAVEL piano concerto in G Tributo ad Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli (Brescia, 5 gennaio 1920 Lugano, 12 giugno 1995) -Ravel piano concerto inciso nel 1957- Philharmonia Orchestra/Ettore Gracis - London March 1957 « Essere un pianista e un musicista non è una professione. E' una filosofia, uno stile di vita che non può basarsi né sulle buone intenzioni né sul talento naturale. Bisogna avere prima di tutto uno spirito di sacrificio inimmaginabile. » (Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli) Biography di ABMichelangeli: Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli (January 5, 1920 June 12, 1995) was an Italian classical pianist. He has been regarded as among the most commanding and individual piano virtuosos of the 20th century. Along with Ferruccio Busoni, he is often considered the most important Italian pianist. Born in Brescia, Italy, he began music lessons at the age of 3, initially with the violin, but quickly switched to the piano. At ten he entered the Milan Conservatory. In 1938, at age 18, he began his international career by entering the Ysaÿe International Festival in Brussels, Belgium, where he placed seventh. A year later he earned first prize in the Geneva International Competition where he was acclaimed as "a new Liszt" by pianist Alfred Cortot, a member of the judging panel, which was presided by Ignacy Jan Paderewski. Michelangeli was known for his note-perfect performances. The music critic Harold Schonberg wrote of him: "His fingers can no more hit a wrong note or smudge a passage than a bullet can be ...
Maurice Ravel - "Pavane pour une infante défunte"
Maurice Ravel - "Pavane pour une infante défunte" In English: "Pavane for a Dead Princess" Played by me. .............................. Thanks for all the positive comments and constructive criticism on my playing. I really appreciate it :-) At a later point I may upload my exam concert, which will be video taped. I'll see how it goes first :-)
Maurice Ravel: 'Bolero'
Maurice Ravel: 'Bolero' Volker Hartung conducts Ravel's Bolero in a live performance given at Cologne Philharmonic Hall. Volker Hartung dirigiert Maurice Ravel's Bolero. Live Konzertmitschnitt aus der Kölner Philharmonie.
Hagen Quartet - Maurice Ravel - String Quartet in F - Allegro modera
Hagen Quartet - Maurice Ravel - String Quartet in F - Allegro modera The first movement of 28 year-old Ravel's Quatuor à Cordes. He is said to have been meticulous in his writing, and, finally, a group of musicians have matched his efforts in terms of attention. This is, in my opinion, the best performance and recording of this piece. Allegro moderato introduces the main theme to be repeated in movements III and IV. The atmosphere developed is one of warmth and a contrasting vastness. The last 30 seconds always gave me the impression of falling asleep, once again surrounded by warmth. Hagen Quartet: First Violin - Lukas Hagen (Austria) Second Violin - Rainer Schmidt (Germany) Viola - Veronika Hagen (Austria) 'Cello - Clemens Hagen (Austria) Concert hall - Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria. (2000.) DISCLAIMER: I do not own the copyrights. I am uploading these in the spirit of sharing artistry and education. I urge you to visit the following links and consider purchasing: The avi file, And/or the DVD,
Ravel: Bolero (Maya Plisetskaya)
Ravel: Bolero (Maya Plisetskaya) Ravel: Bolero Maurice Béjart Maya Plisetskaya Ballet del Siglo XX 1975