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Vladimir Horowitz plays Schumann Sonata No. 3 (1/4)
Vladimir Horowitz plays Schumann Sonata No. 3 (1/4) Part 1 Robert Schumann - Grand Sonata No.3, Op.14 in F Minor (Concert Sans Orchestre) 1. Allegro Brillante Originally in five movements, Schumann's Concert sans orchestre, Op. 14, was first published with only three movements in 1836 by Haslinger in Vienna. Schumann revised the piece in 1853, publishing the work as his Piano Sonata No. 3 in F minor and dedicating it to German-Bohemian pianist and composer Ignaz Moscheles (1794-1870). Haslinger persuaded Schumann to release the work in three movements, forgoing the two scherzos and retaining the slow variations as a contrasting middle movement. Also, "to whet the appetite of a more curious public," Haslinger decided on the title Concert sans orchestre, to which Moscheles objected. In 1853, Schumann reduced the number of variations in the slow movement from six to four and placed the second of the two rejected Scherzos between the first movement and the variations. The Piano Sonata did not receive its premiere until 1862, when Johannes Brahms (1833-97) gave a performance in Vienna. The main theme of the first movement summarizes Schumann's approach to the manipulation of material. An expansive, falling theme flows in the right hand over rapid arpeggios in the left. Almost immediately, the theme dissolves into repeated sequences derived from the theme that modulate away from the tonic. Fragmentary development of material in the style of Beethoven occurs in Schumann's works in places other than in the development section ...
S. Richter & Borodin Quartet play Schumann Piano Quintet
S. Richter & Borodin Quartet play Schumann Piano Quintet Part I Robert Schumann: Piano Quintet in E flat major, Op. 44 1. Allegro brillante
Nageeb Gardizi plays Robert Schumann "Träumerei"
Nageeb Gardizi plays Robert Schumann "Träumerei" Pianist Nageeb Gardizi plays Robert Schumann's "Träumerei" in St. Aposteln Music Hall, Cologne, Germany August 23rd, 2007. Websites: http
Robert SCHUMANN: Op. 68, No. 8 (The Wild Horseman)
Robert SCHUMANN: Op. 68, No. 8 (The Wild Horseman) Cubus plays The Wild Horseman by Robert Alexander Schumann. Playlist with all musical pieces by SCHUMANN posted by cubusdk: Links to an mp3 of this piece and scores can be found at
Der Nußbaum - Schumann (Donna Brown, Stéphane Lemelin)
Der Nußbaum - Schumann (Donna Brown, Stéphane Lemelin) Der Nußbaum - Robert Schumann (1810-1856) Donna Brown, soprano Stéphane Lemelin, piano From CD "Frühlingslieder" - ATMA Classique, ACD22165. 1999. Canadian soprano Donna Brown has performed on the great operatic and concert stages of the world, including Paris, London, Tokyo, Geneva, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. She has collaborated with such leading conductors as Rilling, Gardiner, Nagano, Sawallisch, Barenboim, Masur, Janowski, Dutoit, Giulini, Pinnock, Haitink, Jordan, Tate, Christie, and Zukerman, among others. She became one of the leading sopranos in Europe with performances as Pamina, Sophie, Almerina, Gilda, Nannetta, Zerlina, Servilia, and Morgana. Hailed as a remarkable recitalist, she has performed over 100 recitals around the world with such pianists as Michel Dalberto, Roger Vignoles, Maria-João Pires, Stéphane Lemelin, and Philippe Cassard. Ms. Brown has over two dozen recordings to her name, including the world premiere performances of Debussy's "Rodrigue et Chimène" under Kent Nagano, and R. Murray Schafer's "Gitanjali" under Mario Bernardi. She is a Professor of Voice at the University of Ottawa and the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. A pianist with a broad and eclectic repertoire that ranges from the Classical period to the twentieth century and from art song literature to the Romantic concerto, Canadian pianist Stéphane Lemelin has received particular praise for his interpretations of Schubert ...
Robert Schumann - Traumerei (Reverie)
Robert Schumann - Traumerei (Reverie) Yay for classical video #2! :) This is the 7th piece from a collection of Schumann's works called "Kinderszenen", also known as Scenes from Childhood. I first learned this song from my piano teacher when I was 8, but at that age I had absolutely no emotion with playing this song. I've decided to bring this song back, since this is one of my favorite songs by Schumann. I hope you guys enjoy this piece just as much as I do. :)
Robert Schuman Three Fantasy Pieces for Cello and Piano, op 73
Robert Schuman Three Fantasy Pieces for Cello and Piano, op 73 Opening of the Moscow music festival of the ForumKlassika. Georgy Kolesov (cello), Tatyana Kolesova (piano). Robert Schuman Three Fantasy Pieces for Cello and Piano, op 73 / Концерт-открытие фестиваля форума «Классика». Георгий Колесов (виолончель), Татьяна Колесова (фортепиано). Роберт Шуман Три пьесы-фантазии для виолончели и фортепиано, соч. 73
Schumanns Fantasiestücke - Aufschwung by George Li (13 yr)
Schumanns Fantasiestücke - Aufschwung by George Li (13 yr) George Li, age 13, performs Mendelssohn's "Spinning Song," Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14, the "Moonlight," and Liszt's "La Campanella," video recorded in a live performance at WGBH in October 2008 George has successfully performed 4 concerts with Boston Phil in October, all received instantaneous stormy standing ovation. The last two concerts were sold out. Music reviews are enclosed below: Chinese: George was recently interviewed and performed live on WGBH (NPR). He performed Mendelssohn's Spinning Song, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and Liszt's La Companella at his best level. You can listen at this link: -------------------------------------- George Li performs Schumanns Fantasiestuke - Aufschwung
Robert Schumann Fantasiestucke Op. 12 In Der Nacht
Robert Schumann Fantasiestucke Op. 12 In Der Nacht Daniel Wnukowski, piano. 19th Century Paintings... John Turner - The Parting of Hero and Leander Aivazovsky - The Wrath of the Seas Johann Dahl - Peace at Sunset Johann Dahl - Dresden in Moonlight Eugene Delacroix - Champrosay Landscape Caspar David Friedrich - Seashore by Moonlight Peter Paul Rubens - Hero and Leander Jean AD Ingres - Ruggiero Rescuing Angelica Eugene Delacroix - The Death of Ophelia Eugene Delacroix - Christ on the Lake of Gennezaret Johann Dahl - Eruption of Vesuvius Robert Schumann's piano music was directly influenced by the prevailing artwork, literature and poetry of the day. The best way to learn piano music of the 19th century, and the best piano teacher is to study these masterpieces alongside regular piano practice. Many of the paintings above were painted after Schumann's Fantasy pieces were actually written (1837) but can still serve as a direct inspiration to understanding his work. "In Der Nacht" by Schumann is the 5th piece of the Fantasiestücke cycle and tells the passionate story of Hero and Leander. Although admittedly Schumann discovered this literary connection after having written the work. Enjoy this recording!
Pablo Casals: Schumann Cello Concerto (1/3)
Pablo Casals: Schumann Cello Concerto (1/3) Robert Schumann: Cello Concerto in A minor, Op.129; I. Nicht zu schnell (part 1/2) - Pau Casals, cello; Eugene Ormandy, Prades Festival Orchestra (1953) --- It seems that Casals' recording of the Schumann Concerto has never been very popular, but to me this is simply an incredible and unique performance (at least if one likes this style of playing...) [Btw, for those who know this recording only from the CD reissue, it may be interesting to note that they made two small cuts in the last movement... see my comparison video: ] ---