Salut d'Amour --- Masaaki Kishibe--- EDWARD ELGAR
Salut d'Amour --- Masaaki Kishibe--- EDWARD ELGAR When I was playing over the tabs of this beautifull tune, my wife asked me :"So when will I have my dedicated video!?" Don't ask me twice: here it is, Love! The tune reminds me of Ravel, Debussy...on guitar. Its wonderfully taught of. I still am in my Masaaki discovery period. Alas, I am working HARD to get some own material. Altough it might take another few months. But I am working on it. In the mean time: enjoy these ones as much as I enjoy playing them. Tomorrow I leave on a trip to Bahrein, and I should be packing rather than uplaoding another video. I'm back next Saterday.... Catch you than!¿?! Have a great week.