Meditation from "Thaïs" - Randy George, theremin
Meditation from "Thaïs" - Randy George, theremin For more video of this concert please visit: randygeorgemusic.com Live performance of Meditation from "Thaïs" by Jules Massenet. This was part of a concert at the Casino De Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain on December 8, 2008. Randy George, theremin Jose Enrique Serrano Comes, piano A very special thanks goes to Carmen Bachiller Martin and Jorge Sastre Martínez from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia AND Alejandro Martinez Estrada from Conservatorio Superior de Música de Salamanca for making this performance possible. Classical Theremin. Two words that should have always gone together. This is truly how the instrument was originally intended to be played. This kind of performance was made possible because of a fire that burned in a young woman named Clara Rockmore. She was the first person to prove that beautiful melodies could be extracted directly from the air. She continues to be a tremendous inspiration. By posting these videos, it is my wish to inspire others also, to open people's minds to possibilities that are completely out of sight, and to the help the theremin to a place where it can be truly respected again as it had been during the time of Ms. Rockmore. If this is your first time seeing and hearing a theremin, I congratulate you. You have just discovered the most fascinating musical instrument in the world. I've compiled some useful resources for learning more about it. Please visit the links section of my website. Please visit my home on the web ...
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