Jacqueline du Pré - Mendelssohn Song without words
Jacqueline du Pré - Mendelssohn Song without words F.Mendelssohn - Song without words in D major, Op.109 Jacqueline du Pré (1945-1987) and Iris du Pré
Spanish Love Song | Spanish Guitar Music | Beautiful Music
Spanish Love Song | Spanish Guitar Music | Beautiful Music FREE SONG DOWNLOAD AT: http://ReverbNation.com/dglas The music of D. Glas (Douglas Stambler)
Happy Birthday To You (Song + Variations) Classical Piano
Happy Birthday To You (Song + Variations) Classical Piano **** HAPPYBIRTHDAY **** These are my Happy Birthday Variations. I improvise a new rendition every time I get a birthday request when entertaining on piano. Quite often people sing, and there's often a cake and candles as well! Inspired by sir Mozart and his piano sonata in A major. subscribe if you want to hear more music! visit my webpage www.joolsscott.co.uk Happy Birthday Song!! happybirthdaytoyou. "Happy Birthday to You," also known more simply as "Happy Birthday," is a traditional American song that is sung with joy to celebrate and commemorate the anniversary of a person's birth. Per the Guinness Book of World Records, "Happy Birthday to You" is presently noted as the most well recognized song in the English language, followed by, yet just as well liked, "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" and "Auld Lang Syne. In spite of it's lyrics, the basic melody of "Happy Birthday to You" comes from the roundelay song "Good Morning to All," which was written and simply composed by the two American sisters Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill in 1893 In 1935 "Happy Birthday to You" was copyrighted as a work for hire by Preston Ware Orem for the Summy Company, the publisher of "Good Morning to All". The Rocky Horror Picture Show The Zucker brothers learned about the copyright issue unwittingly when they decided to include a gag in The Kentucky Fried Movie that had made them laugh growing up A man sings "Happy Birthday" to remind himself of his own name. King of the Hill uses a song written ...
Dvořák - Když mne stará matka (Gypsy Songs) - VOX 3 Collective
Dvořák - Když mne stará matka (Gypsy Songs) - VOX 3 Collective Art Song "Když mne stará matka" (Songs my Mother Taught Me) from the set of "Gypsy Songs," Op. 55, No. 4. Music is by Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904). Sung by Beena David, mezzo-soprano; James Morehead, piano. Part of the VOX 3 Collective concert of classical transcriptions of folk music around the world, called "folk/art" at Bethany United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL, September 2009. www.vox3.org
Sadest Song in the World - Winter Sonata Piano - Korean Drama OST
Sadest Song in the World - Winter Sonata Piano - Korean Drama OST 'From The Beginning Until Now' I performed this 겨울연가 'Winter Sonata' theme tune sung by Ryu written by Yiruma because This Drama Really Touched Me Emotionally & my mum loves this Korean drama and Bae Yong Joon 배용준 the male actor BYJ. He's Really handsome Hehe :P. So for you mum. Please sit back and enjoy. Recorded on mobile camera phone. Apologies for the sound quality. Winter Sonata (aka Winter Ballad/Winter Love Story, Korean: 겨울연가) was the second part of the KBS TV drama series Endless Love. This installment was produced in March 2002 in South Korea. It was broadcast on Japan's NHK and has been a major part of the (so called) Korean wave both there and throughout Asia. Known as 冬のソナタ in Japanese, Sonata de Invierno in Spanish, and 冬日戀歌 in Chinese. The female in this drama series is 'Choi Ji Woo' she is a very good actress as she can produce some of the best emotion scenes I have seen to date with her none stop crying. Please feel free to view my other videos and comment. Thanks & don't miss my Hana Kimi OST or Spring Waltz Korean drama OST - just click on my username and select the video clip or if you like 'Tong Hua/Fairy Tale' piano (my mum's other most favorite song by Guang Liang(Micheal Wong) Please feel free to use any of my videos :) The original version of this Korean drama song came from 'Secret Garden' and it's artists were apparently Norweigen. This original version has been used in a Chinese drama 'Fated Love' or '天长地久' staring Steve ...
Santa Lucia - Classical Guitar. Italian Song.
Santa Lucia - Classical Guitar. Italian Song. Classical Guitarist Eugene Shilin playing famous Italian Song SANTA LUCIA. guitarshilin.ru
Les Oiseaux dans la charmille , "The Doll Song"
Les Oiseaux dans la charmille , "The Doll Song" Linda Hines sings "The Doll Song" from Les Contes d'Hoffman by Jacques Offenbach. February 17, 2008 with Matinee Opera Society. No, she is not arthritic! LOL. Olympia is a wind-up doll. Properly costumed, that would be obvious. This was a concert performance and not fully staged opera.
Song # 2 Romantic Piano Music - One Last Time by James Onohan
Song # 2 Romantic Piano Music - One Last Time by James Onohan jamesonohan.com Song #2 - "One Last Time" By James Onohan James Onohan is a self taught pianist. He loves writing and performing Romantic PIano Music. His songs are very relaxing and soothing... His songs are great for relaxation and helping people fall asleep easier. They are also inspirational & inspiring... You can help support this artist by downloading his songs at www.jamesonohan.com This was my very first Youtube video. The story behind this song is I just sat down and played whatever came to my head. And I named it One Last Time. I am overwhelmed at the responses I get on this song. Thank You so much.. And I get so many requests for the sheet music to this song. Good News!! Sheet music is now available!! Just go to my website and scroll down to the sheet music section!! Oh!! and please check out my new collaboration with WavesDVDcom. This song is played to a beautiful sunset on a Florida Beach. The link is at the end of the video. Or go to it Here: www.youtube.com James Onohan Romantic Piano JJ Classical Calming Relaxing Soothing One Last Time New Age yanni mozart david sides esmee denters how to play piano Music relaxation meditation romantic songs instrumental man tutorial
Classical Music - Morning Song
Classical Music - Morning Song Rossini's famous beginning of "The William Tell Overture." One of my favorite songs. The other great "morning" songs are by Grieg - Morgenstimmung ("morning song") and "Meditation" by Thais. Look for my videos (soon) on them.
Part 2 Russian Classical Songs: Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov Par
Part 2 Russian Classical Songs: Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov Par Classical Russian Songs by Rachmaninov, Tchaikovski, Glinka, and Petrov and three Schubert Lieder. Program : Je me rappelle d'un moment (I remember a moment) by Glinka Lachen und Weinen Op 59 No 4 by Franz Schubert Du Bist die Ruh Opus 59 No 8 by Schubert COH (Son, Rêve, Dream) Opus 8 No 5 by Rachmaninof Lilas (Lilacs) by Rachmaninov Prelude in E Flat Opus 23 No.6 by Sergei Rachmaninoff Twas in the Early Spring words by Tolstoy music by Tchaikovsky Opus 38 No 2 Before my Window (devant ma fênetre) Opus 26 No 10 Rachmaninoff Ständchen by Schubert Song from Russian Cinema by Petrov Gagliarda attributed to Vincenzo Galilei (c. 1555) arranged by Otto Respighi from Suite of Ancient Airs and Dances Sorrow in Springtime words by Galina music by Rachmaninoff Op 21 no 12 Concert at Les Frigos for the Portes Ouvertes 2009. Genaro Feliciano Pereira on accompanies Soprano Tatiana Abeillé on the piano.