Veronique Gens is amazing! Lamento Di Arianna by Monteverdi
Veronique Gens is amazing! Lamento Di Arianna by Monteverdi www.sublime-classical.com/forum Veronique Gens(soprano) Claudio Monteverdi Lamento di Arianna Emmanuelle Haim (conductor) Le Concert d'Astree (L'Arianna-1608) Lasciatemi morire! E chi volete voi che mi conforte in così dura sorte, in così gran martire? Lasciatemi morire! O Teseo, o Teseo mio, sì che mio ti vo dir, chè mio pur sei, benché tinvoli, ahi crudo! a gli occhi miei. Volgiti, Teseo mio, volgiti, Teseo, o Dio! Volgiti indietro a rimirar colei che lasciato ha per te la patria e il regno, en queste arene ancora, cibo di fere dispietate e crude, lascierà lossa ignude. O Teseo, o Teseo mio, se tu sapessi, o Dio! Se tu sapessi, ohimè!, come saffanna la povera Arianna, forsi forsi pentito rivolgeresti ancor la prora al lito. Ma, con laure serene tu te ne vai felice, et io qui piango. A te prepara Atene liete pompe superbe, et io rimango cibo di fere in solitarie arene. Te luno e laltro tuo vecchio parente stringeran lieti, et io più non vedrovi, o madre, o padre mio! Dove, dove è la fede, che tanto mi giuravi? Così ne lalta sede tu mi ripon de gli avi? Son queste le corone onde madorni il crine? Questi gli scettri sono, queste le gemme e glori? Lasciarmi in abbondono a fera che mi strazi e mi divori? Ah Teseo, a Teseo mio, lascierai tu morire, in van piangendo, in van gridando aita, la misera Arianna che a te fidossi e ti diè gloria e vita? Ahi, che non pur risponde! Ahi, che più daspe è sordo amiei lamenti! O nembi, o turbi, o venti, sommergetelo voi dentra quellonde ...
Maria Callas "Gualtier Maldè!...Caro nome" Rigoletto Verdi
Maria Callas "Gualtier Maldè!...Caro nome" Rigoletto Verdi Maria Callas esegue "Gualtier Maldé!... Caro nome" da "Rigoletto" di Giuseppe Verdi. Teatro alla Scala di Milano, direttore Tullio Serafin. Registrazione del novembre 1955.
Verdi Requiem Dies Irae M° Ino Savini (Part 1)
Verdi Requiem Dies Irae M° Ino Savini (Part 1) Maestro Ino Savini rehearsing Verdi´s Requiem in Prague. Tenor: Gaetano Bardini Soprano: Margaret Tynes Mezzo: Vera Soukupova Bass: Jan Kyzlink Janacek Philharmonie Ostrava (JFO) Conductor: INO SAVINI This is a rare Footage of the Great Italian Conductor Ino Savini (Faenza 1904-95). This rehearsal was filmed in The Cathedral of St.Vitus in Prague the 8 September 1972. The performance was on the 9 September 1972 with a huge success. The video clips were a Super 8,Silent film from the rehearsals, the audio is from the Performance on the 9.9.72. Maestro Alessandro Pagliazzi did the Audio Remastering and the Video-Audio sincronization,including some rare and beautifull Fotos of M° Savini in rehearsal in Ostrava,Prague and Porto. Maestro Savini studied Piano,Organ and Composition with O.Respighi and F.Cilea. He conducted for more that 50 years mainly in Italy,all Europe,South America,with a huge Opera and Symphonic repertoire. Recorded Trovatore,Elisir, Forza and Aida for Supraphon/Fabbri ,Delibes Coppelia for Supraphon Records and the first LP of Mirella Freni in 1959. Conducted the Debuts and the first performances of young singers like Gianni Raimondi,Filippeschi,Valdengo, Protti,Kabaivanska,Cappuccilli,Giacomini,Martinucci,Freni,Nucci,Pavarotti,Maffeo,Pagliazzi and a lot of the great Italian singers like Pagliughi,Galeffi,Lauri-Volpi,Corelli, Simionato,Di Stefano,Poggi, Tagliabue,Pavarotti ( in a wonderfull" I Puritani" with Freni in Bologna 1969) and his Recital for the ...
"La donna è mobile" - Giuseppe Verdi, from Rigoletto: Transcripti
"La donna è mobile" - Giuseppe Verdi, from Rigoletto: Transcripti www.onlineguitaracademy.net - A Romantic Period composer, Verdi (1813-1901) had his greatest success with opera and other vocal works. Rigoletto is one of his best-known. A tangled drama portraying affairs, betrayal, and revenge, Rigoletto is as relevant today as it was when it was written. "La donna è mobile," a canzone sung by a playboy, the Duke of Mantua, about the fickleness of women, gives the audience a moment of comic relief in the midst of a dark tale. The moment of irony, of which the character is blissfully unaware, reveals itself as the womanizer boasts about his superiority to women in the area of stability, even as he plots his next conquest. A surprisingly feminist element in an opera from the mid-nineteenth century, the commentary on gender issues still speaks to audiences today. Ifyou would like to learn to play this piece and add it to your repertoire, take advantage of the free mini-lesson on this piece, available on Los Angeles Guitar Academy's website, http To access sheet music, close-up, slow walk-through clips for this piece and LAGA's complete online classical guitar lesson program to bring your playing up to this level and beyond, enroll in a full subscription to LAGA's online classical guitar lessons, LAGA Classical. You can get started today by signing up for a free, no-obligation, three-day trial on the website listed above. For updates on our latest music postings, please subscribe to our YouTube channel on the button above. Thanks!
Gökhan Kimverdi - Paganini Caprice No. 24 - Selpe Saz
Va', pensiero -Verdi
Va', pensiero -Verdi Find English translation of Lyrics below. This video features Va',Pensiero, a chorus from the third act of Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi, and is accompanied by Spadecaller's visual interpretation, which dramatizes its powerful theme; exiles singing about their homeland ("O my country, so lovely and so lost") Va', Pensiero, Sull'ali Dorate Fly, thought, on wings of gold; go settle upon the slopes and the hills, where, soft and mild, the sweet airs of our native land smell fragrant! Greet the banks of the Jordan and Zion's toppled towers... Oh, my country so lovely and lost! Oh, remembrance so dear and so fraught with despair! Golden harp of the prophetic seers, why dost thou hang mute upon the willow? Rekindle our bosom's memories, and speak of times gone by! Mindful of the fate of Jerusalem, either give forth an air of sad lamentation, or else let the Lord imbue us with fortitude to bear our sufferings!
The Notorious B.I.G. (ft. Verdi/Liszt's ...
The Notorious B.I.G. (ft. Verdi/Liszt's ... free mp3 → http://soundcloud.com/forjerz/verdilisztbiggie/download

Pianist: Dan Kreiger (aka For Jerz) || Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi || Concert-Paraphrase about the quartet by Franz Liszt || "Think Big'" by Christopher Wallace (aka The Notorious B.I.G.) || Produced and Arranged by Dan Kreiger (aka For Jerz) || derivative work
Waldo de los Rios - Va pensiero (Nabucco - Verdi)
Waldo de los Rios - Va pensiero (Nabucco - Verdi) Waldo de los Rios "Va, pensiero" (da ópera "Nabucco" de Giuseppe Verdi) - 1974.
Giuseppe Verdi - Aida - Marcia Trionfale (Triumphal March)
Giuseppe Verdi - Aida - Marcia Trionfale (Triumphal March) Title : Giuseppe Verdi - Aida - Marcia Trionfale (Triumphal March)
Boston Youth Symphony - Verdi's Macbeth - Semi Staged Opera, Finale
Boston Youth Symphony - Verdi's Macbeth - Semi Staged Opera, Finale Young Musicians of the Boston Youth Symphony (age 12-18) perform MACBETH by Giuseppe Verdi - BYSO semi-staged performance. Boston Youth Symphony Chamber Orchestras - Federico Cortese, Music Director and Conductor. Marc Verzatt, Stage Director Sanders Theatre at Harvard University, January 2011 Macbeth, Louis Otey. Lady Macbeth, Diana Jacklin. Banquo, Jeremy Milner. Macduff, Brian Landry. Malcolm, Steven Sanders. Lady-in-Waiting, Meredeth Kelly. Servant/ Doctor, Jonathan Cole. Assassin/ Apparition/ Herald, Lu Zang With members of the New World Chorale, Holly MacEwen Krafka, Director Finale: Act I "Qual subito Scompiglio" (Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo, Macduff, Malcolm, Lady in Waiting, Servants) Audio recorded and mastered by Emmanuel Audio Recording - Video by Steve Andrada Experience the Future of Classical Music - www.BYSOweb.org