ANTONIO SOLER Sonata n.88 (Allegro)-Michel Mañanes Live
ANTONIO SOLER Sonata n.88 (Allegro)-Michel Mañanes Live For better audio click here: www.youtube.com Michel Mañanes plays Padre Antonio Soler Sonata D Flat Major. (1729-1783)Pupil of Domenico Scarlatti.With recitals for europa and suramerica specially. Has won first prize in several young piano competitions. He is Piano Teacher in Madrid and continue to give concerts.Antonio soler piano sonata.classical concert pianist. www.geocities.com Antonio Francisco Javier José Soler Ramos, usually known today as Padre Antonio Soler, (baptized December 3, 1729 -- died December 20, 1783) was a Spanish composer whose works span the late Baroque and early Classical music eras. He is best known for his keyboard sonatas, an important contribution to the harpsichord, fortepiano and organ repertoire. Soler was born in Olot near Girona, Catalonia. In 1736, when he was six, he entered the choir school of the great Monastery of Montserrat where he studied with the resident maestro Benito Esteve and organist Benito Valls. In 1744 he was appointed organist at the cathedral in La Seu d'Urgell and appointed as a subdeacon there. Later in his life, he held posts as chapel master in Lleida and El Escorial. Ministerial lifestyle Soler took Holy Orders at the age of 23 and his routine with the Jeronymite order near El Escorial, Madrid was a simple one for the next 31 years. His 20-hour days were filled with prayer, contemplation and farming -- a simple and unadorned life. Yet, in these austere surroundings, Soler managed to produce more than 500 musical ...
Lacrimosa. Mozart
Lacrimosa. Mozart Travail de copies (craie/pastel/fusain) et libre interprétation et création réalisés à partir de dessins originaux, et peinture de .G Cornelius (1880-1963) Copy work (chalk/pastel/fusain) and free interpretation and realized creations from original drawings, and paint of. G Cornelius (1880-1963) Lavoro di copie (gesso/pastello/carbone) e libera interpretazione e creazione realizzati a partire da disegni originali, e vernice di. G Cornelius (1880-1963) Работа копий (мел / пастель / угольная карандаш) и свободной интерпретации и создания, осуществленных начиная с картин .Г Корнелиус (1880-1963), и начиная с оригинальных чертежей.