My Choice 84 - Waldo de los Rios: Symphony No 40, Mozart
My Choice 84 - Waldo de los Rios: Symphony No 40, Mozart A beautiful arrangement of Mozart's Symphony No. 40 by Waldo de los Rios and we're showing several European Castles to compliment the music. Sinfonía número 40 de Mozart a cargo de Waldo de los Ríos y su orquesta. Waldo de los Ríos (1934 - 1977) was an Argentine composer, conductor and arranger. He is best-remembered for his ability to transform European classical music into pop music. His 1971 arrangement of Mozart's Symphony No. 40 recorded with the Manuel de Falla orchestra, reached the top spot in the Dutch charts and scored a top 10 hit in several other European countries. In 1970, prior to this success, Waldo de los Rios had already climbed the charts around Europe and America with Ludwig van Beethoven's Ode To Joy which he arranged and conducted for Miguel Rios.Video by Alfred & Choy Hong (Jasmine) Grech, Mosta, Malta © jasalf5959 - 2009 Please rate our videos and share links with your friends. Thanks for watching. ===================================== Our Youtube Channels are: 1) jasalf5959 MASTER Link: (Malta, Malaysia & Other related videos) www.youtube.com 2) malpen04 "My Choice" series MASTER Links: (Music videos) www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com 3) malpen04 "Maltese Singers" - music composed and/or sung by Maltese artists www.youtube.com 4) malpen04 Miscellaneous non-music video www.youtube.com