Americas Got Talent - Jackie Evancho 10 Opera Singer
Americas Got Talent - Jackie Evancho 10 Opera Singer The YouTube.com community picked their favorite Jackie Evancho. She is a young opera singer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and can be compared to Susan Boyle. Now she may look like an average kid, but this child has a set of pipes. The video entry gave an amazing performance that one person commented sounded like an Angel. Looking to be a very young contestant, there is no doubt she might steal the show. Bio Jackie Evancho - 10yrs old - Singer Jackie has a style that is all her own. At ten years old, she possesses an ability that many older artists lack. Her talent and presence captivate all that hear her. Jackie performs with such style and grace that we forget that we are watching/listening to a child. She has been called by a many, a singing prodigy! By Jerry Shriver, USA TODAY When a 10-year-old singer belted out a Puccini aria with the polished voice of someone thrice her age on Tuesday night's episode of America's Got Talent, the "next Susan Boyle!" superlatives flowed across the mediascape. But so did the question: Is Jackie Evancho for real? The precocious soprano, a Pittsburgh-area fourth-grader who auditioned for the NBC show with a YouTube video, wowed the panel with a live performance of O Mio Babbino Caro. But a video clip appears to show that her lips are ever-so-slightly out of sync with the audio. Fremantle, the company that produces AGT and Fox's American Idol, makes contestants available only to local media. But "there was no lip-syncing," says producer Jason Raff. LIFELINE LIVE:More on Jackie, plus see video During rehearsals, "the whole crew was saying it looked like she's lip-syncing," he says. "And on the close-ups, her mouth is moving a different way than the sound coming out. It is weird, but it's just how she sings." The voters embraced her happily: On Wednesday's results show, Evancho advanced to the semifinals. Further testimony to her true talent comes from her track record: Her self-released EP, Prelude to a Dream, has sold around the world, and she has performed with David Foster, sung the national anthem at the Pittsburgh Pirates home opener and appeared on PBS. "She is just truly blessed with a voice that's phenomenal," says classical-crossover composer/conductor Tim Janis, who is including Evancho in his American Christmas Carol show (Dec. 2) at Carnegie Hall. A film producer had alerted Janis to Evancho two years ago, and he put her in one of his Celebrate America specials for the Pittsburgh public television station WQED. "Jackie just stood out and shined," he says. Her voice "totally captivated me and sent me to a place that was uplifting and inspiring." Even if listeners don't know that it's a child singing, "the voice stands on its own. It's a big sound that fills the room." The reaction recalls the Cinderella story of Boyle, who became an Internet sensation after her Britain's Got Talent appearance and went on to record an album that has sold 9 million copies worldwide. Evancho trains with at least two vocal coaches, which is essential at her age "to make sure you don't abuse the gift," Janis says. "A young vocalist is in the process of developing those muscles, and you don't overdo it." He won't speculate whether Evancho, who sings both pop and classical, will choose one specialty. "She has a rare gift to speak to many hearts. In my mind, the classical setting is a really nice match for her voice. But someone who doesn't follow that genre can still appreciate the beauty. "Whatever she picks, she will do well." http://www.JackieEvancho.co http://www.JacquelineEvancho.co http://www.JacquelineMarieEvancho.com
Rip Van Winkle sing "Der Freischutz" with lyrics and translation
Rip Van Winkle sing "Der Freischutz" with lyrics and translation Rip Van Winkle singing opera song "Der Freischutz" by Carl Maria von Weber. Clip is from Hellsign OVA 4 with lyrics and english transaltion. Lyrics (original, in germany) --- Mein Sohn, nur Mut! Wer Gott vertraut, baut gut! Jetzt auf! In Bergen und Klüften Tobt morgen der freudige Krieg! Das Wild in Fluren und Triften, Der Aar in Wolken und Lüften Ist unser, und unser der Sieg! Und unser der Sieg! Und unser der Sieg! English translation --- MJust be courageous my son! You do well to trust in God. Now! Tomorrow joyful war will be raging in mountains and valleys. Wild game in meadows and trailings The eagle in clouds and air Victory is ours and ours!
Pavane pour une Infante Défunte by Maurice Ravel
Pavane pour une Infante Défunte by Maurice Ravel ピアノバージョンです。 "Pavane pour une Infante défunte" Maurice Ravel
Edvard Grieg - "En Svane" (A Swan) - Håkan Hagegård
Edvard Grieg - "En Svane" (A Swan) - Håkan Hagegård "En Svane" (A Swan) is one of Edvard Grieg's most well known songs. It is one of six settings of poems by Norway's great poet and playwright, Henrik Ibsen, that comprise Grieg's Opus 25. It is sung here in Norwegian by the wonderful Swedish baritone Håkan Hagegård. En svane Min hvide svane du stumme, du stille, hverken slag eller trille lod sangrøst ane. Angst beskyttende alfen, som sover, altid lyttende gled du henover. Men sidste mødet, da eder og øjne var lønlige løgne, ja da, da lød det! I toners føden du slutted din bane. Du sang i døden; du var dog en svane! Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) A Swan My snowy-white swan, So silently gliding, By no sound eer confiding Your voice of singing. Peace bestowing, you Elfin in hiding. Ever watchful, oer Deep waters gliding. A last farewell, then, When promises given Were meant to be riven Yes, then it sounded! In songs first sighing Your journey was ended. You sang in dying Ah, truly a swan, then, A swan, then! Håkan Hagegård (baritone) Warren Jones (piano)
Maurice Ravel - "Pavane pour une infante défunte"
Maurice Ravel - "Pavane pour une infante défunte" In English: "Pavane for a Dead Princess" Played by me. .............................. Thanks for all the positive comments and constructive criticism on my playing. I really appreciate it :-) At a later point I may upload my exam concert, which will be video taped. I'll see how it goes first :-)
Maurice Ravel. Pavane pour une infante défunte.
Maurice Ravel. Pavane pour une infante défunte. Versión extraída del Cd "Adagio Karajan II". Ravel compuso esta famosa pieza, para piano solo, en 1899; en 1910 publicó una versión orquestada de la misma. Ricardo Viñes fue quien la estrenó, tocandola en Paris el 5 de abril de 1902. La pavana (pavane) era una danza lenta y solemne que gozó de mucha popularidad en el Renacimiento; sin embargo, esta pieza de Ravel no tiene de pavana más que el título. Música tranquila y serena, me gusta.
Karajan - Mozart: Don Giovanni | "Notte e giorno faticar" | Act 1|
Karajan - Mozart: Don Giovanni | "Notte e giorno faticar" | Act 1| Herbert von Karajan plays with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra the famous opera "Don Giovanni" by WA Mozart, KV 527. Libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte. A coperation of Sony BMG,Sony Classical and Medialoft. Recorded at the festivalhouse of Salzbourg in 1984. Leporello + Donna Anna + Don Giovanni + The Commendatore __________________________________________________________________________ Herbert von Karajan spielt mit den Wiener Philharmonikern die berühmte Oper "Don Giovanni" von WA Mozart, KV 527. Librettist ist Lorenzo Da Ponte. Eine Zusammenarbeit von Sony BMG, Sony Classical und Medialoft. Aufgenommen im Salzburger Festspielhaus in 1984. Leporello + Donna Anna + Don Giovanni + Der Komtur __________________________________________________________________________ Samuel Ramey - Don Giovanni Anna Tomawo-Sintow - Donna Anna Gösta Winbergh - Don Ottavio Paata Bruchuladze - The Commentatore / Der Komtur Julia Varady - Donna Elvira Ferruccio Furlanetto - Leporello Alexander Malta - Masetto Kathleen Battle - Zerlina
Mozart Piano Concerto 20, K 466 (Ivan Klánský) mvt 1, pt 1
Mozart Piano Concerto 20, K 466 (Ivan Klánský) mvt 1, pt 1 go here to see part 2 of the first movement (Allegro):\ www.youtube.com to see score of the K. 466, go here: dme.mozarteum.at Ivan Klánský, Piano Virtuosi Di Praga, Jiri Belohlavek, Conductor Recorded Live At The Rittersaal Of Palais Waldstein, 19--20 November 1990 Charles Rosen ("The Classical Style: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven") writes: ..But even at a time when Mozart's reputation was low--when his grace obscured his power--the estimation of this work remained high. It is not a work, of course, that is much discussed (it excites no controversy) or much imitated; nor is it the favorite Mozart concerto of many musicians just as no one's favorite Leonardo is the 'Mona Lisa". Like the G minor symphony and 'Don Giovanni', the D minor concerto can be said to transcend it's own excellences. The historic importance of the K. 466 is that it belongs to the series of works that made Mozart the supreme composer in most musician's minds within ten years of his death. It represents the Mozart who was considered the 'greatest' of the Romantic composers, and it was the character of this work and a few others like it that pushed Haydn in the background for more than a century. It was the concerto that Beethoven played and wrote cadenzas for. It is the fullest realization of that aspect of Mozart that the nineteenth century quite rightly named 'daemonic', and which, for so long, made a balanced assessment of the rest of his work so difficult. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791 ...
IVAN SUSANIN'S ARIA (GLINKA). АРИЯ ИВАНА СУСАНИНА. 1)ARIA of IVAN SUSANIN in GLINKA'S OPERA. Peoples Artist of Russia he was the leading soloist of the Academic Kirov Opera & Ballet Theatre in Petersburg. On the stage of this theatre he created a whole gallery of unforgottable characters. In 1949 eighteen-year old Boris enterd at the Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) Conservatory. When still a sophomore he sings at the Opera. Very soon the young singers name appears among the names of the leading artists of the Sverdlovsk Opera. His repertory includes Russian & foreign classical music: Gremin (Eugene Onegin by Tchaikovsky), Don Basilio (The barber of Ceville by G.Rossini), Dosifey, Pimen, Boris Godunov (Khovanshchina & Boris Godunov by MPMusorgsky etc) His skill & aspiration to deeply fathom the role he is performing, grow to one performance to another. In things discovered long ago I would like to discover their innermost meaning, get to the very heart of my characters, - writes Shtokolov. I want to rediscover each role. For instance I want to sing the part of Boris again & again. The profound quality of music, text & character is so great then even if I could live three lives it still would not be enough to apprehend it all In 1959 Boris Shtokolov is invited to sing at the Opera & Ballet Theatre in Leningrad. Besides the aforementioned roles Shtokolovs repertory includes Ivan Susanin, Ruslan in Glinkas operas, Demon in Demon by Rubinstain AG, Kochubey in Mazepa by Tchaikovsky, Mephistopheles in Faust Gounod etc Boris Shtokolov ...
Haydn- Insanae Et Vanae Curae (St. John's College Choir.)
Haydn- Insanae Et Vanae Curae (St. John's College Choir.) The Choir of St. John's College Cambridge, performing Joseph Haydn's Insanae et vanae curae.