O Mio Babino Caro-Arella Seerose
  • Classical music composed by Giacomo Puccini Greetings and Welcome, Song:O mio babino caro Singer:Arella Seerose Puccini's Aria from opera Gianni Schicchi (1918) Genre:Italian Opera For the Live orchestral version,that i sang, go here to see it www.youtube.com Be sure to Rate,Comment & Subscribe:) Scroll Down for more information, And back story of how I found this Aria Lyrics and meaning included I thank you for listening:) May you have a wonderful day Q&A tIME ~~~~~~~~ Q:Are you a Gamer? A:YES I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^.^ Q:Where did you first hear this song played. A:I was playing Grand Theft Auto 3. I was listening to the radio, driving around the city and the most beautiful song, came on, I heard it and then I knew all of my whole heart that i wanted to learn it,was the most beautiful song, that I had heard, in my life. I would leave the radio playing and park whatever i was driving, somewhere safe and quiet and listen to it over and over, each time, that it would play This was several years back, then It stayed with me,and I could never find it when I searched for it, so I finally found the song,and about that time, Was my yearly recitle, so It just so happened, that everything came together for me to be able to perform, this.so It was such an honor to do so:) And forever this song that I have devoted myself to will always be with me,in my heart, as where I go in life. Thank you Puccini, for such a beautiful aria. I thank you with my whole heart. ' I thank you With all of my whole heart to "RockStar Games, for adding ...

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