playing Schumann - Traumerei + message (in the description)
  • Classical music composed by Robert Schumann hey guys, instead of making a separate message and whining in front of the camera, I decided to upload a small classical piece I love. I've been under enormous amount of stress. But I will not elaborate on the reason why I am stressed. It's personal. I have to inform you guys because this is the reason I wasn't uploading too much, but I wanted to let you know that I'm "here", and also I'm working on requests that were made. It just takes me much longer, because I need a clear head in order to write down/arrange, and my abilities are a bit limited right now. So if you made a request and you think it's taking too long - please contact me by email, we'll figure something out. If you are ok with letting me put myself together and waiting, I'm grateful for the understanding :))

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