Aria Vivaldi, Daniel Schnyder, Carmina Quartet, Nina Corti - music &
  • Classical music composed by Antonio Vivaldi Aria Vivaldi, excerpt from Metamorphose Concept, choreography and dance by Nina Corti Daniel Schnyder- Saxophone Carmina Quartet Music: Antonio Vivaldi (Griselda) arr. Daniel Schnyder Antonio Vivaldi: unknown opera arias Arrangement for string quartet plus saxophone. Recorded by Daniel Schnyder and Carmina Quartet (Zoom in) Daniel Schnyder is known as a composer/performer with a dynamic reputation in both jazz and classical fields. He appears as a soloist with orchestras playing his "Songbook for Saxophone and Orchestra" and his Oriental Suite beside other works. He played Songbook in Germany and Switzerland on a tour with the NDR Radio Philharmonic in November 2006 and with the MDR Orchestra in 2008. In the Fall 2008 he tours with the Saarlaendische Rundfunk Orchestra as a soloist. Daniel toured Europe and Australia with his trio, featuring David Taylor and Kenny Drew jr., playing the music of Gershwin, Bach, Vivaldi, Wagner and Ellington in addition to his own new compositions bridging the worlds of classical music and jazz. He frequently performs with his special chamber music project for saxophone and string quartet, combining composition and improvisation, jazz and traditional chamber music. His third string quartet was commissioned by the Carmina Quartet, the 4th string quartet was a commission by the Amar Quartett, the 5th str 4tet a commission by the Stradivari Quartet. Carmina Quartet Matthias Enderle, violin Susanne Frank, violin Wendy Champney, viola Stephan ...

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