LISZT Liebestraum no. 3 - Pianist Michel Mañanes Live
  • Classical music composed by Franz Liszt For better Audio click here: Michel Mañanes plays live the famous Liszt liebestraum no.3.Has won first prize in several young piano competitions. He is Piano Teacher in Madrid and continue to give concerts.Liszt liebestraum.Dream of love.Liszt Liebestraum.Classical concert pianist. Liszt, Franz fränts lĭst, 1811--86, Hungarian composer and pianist. Liszt was a revolutionary figure of romantic music and was acknowledged as the greatest pianist of his time. He made his debut at nine, going thereafter to Vienna to study with Czerny and Salieri. In Paris (1823--25) he knew all the principal artistic figures of the period and was influenced by Berlioz, Chopin, and Paganini. He lived with Mme d'Agoult (better known by her pen name, Daniel Stern) from 1833 to 1844, and they had three children; their daughter Cosima became the wife of Hans von Bülow and later of Wagner. As a piano virtuoso, Liszt enthralled his audiences with his expressive interpretations and grand style of playing, augmented with dramatic gestures. In 1848 he decided to make a career as a composer, and became musical director to the duke of Weimar. He remained at Weimar until 1859, and two years later went to Rome, where he became an abbé (1865). During the years between 1880 and 1885, in Rome, Weimar, and Budapest, he taught most of the famous pianists of the succeeding generation. In his compositions he favored program music over traditional musical forms. Liszt originated ...

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