Gaetano Donizetti - Duet for Enrico & Annibale from Il Campanello
  • Classical music composed by Gaetano Donizetti Just as I mentioned in an earlier upload, I am uploading another except from one of Donizetti's more engaging one-acters, "Il campanello di notte". The narrative is simple: Enrico (baritone), under the guise (one of several he uses during the night) of a singer due to appear in an operatic premiere the very next day but suffering from a particularly sore throat, prevents Annibale (bass) from even approaching the bedroom door where his bride, Serafina, is waiting for him. The duet opens classically with two couplets for both of the singers, as Enrico relates the reason behind his presumed sickness: nightly serenades under the windows of his unfaithful lover. Annibale's answer is pragmatic: "either leave her or marry her". Enrico, however, insists on taking the pharmacist's magic pills and proceeds in a series of ariosos of varying levels of success "to be cured", including a melancholic example of his daily nocturnes and, to round out the duet, a joyous allegro, consisting completely of "lalala", while Annibale asks his guest to keep quiet, as to not disturb the sleeping house. Enzo Dara and Angelo Romero duet superbly in this scene, proving to be true veterans of the genre. Hope you'll enjoy :).

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