Brahms: Piano concerto No.2 - IV.Allegretto grazioso / Elisabeth Leo
  • Classical music composed by Johannes Brahms Johannes Brahms:Piano concrto No.2 in B flat major op.83 IV.Allegretto grazioso Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Paavo Järvi - conductor Elisabeth Leonskaja - piano Tel Aviv 2001 Allegretto grazioso The last movement consists of five clearly distinghuishable sections, of which the last is a 'stretto' (faster) coda. The first section (bars 1 to 64) is built on two themes: the first and main theme of classical structure (1-8) is first played by the piano and then repeated by the orchestra. The second theme (16-20) is likewise presented by the piano and repeated - and expanded - by the orchestra. A kind of development of the first theme leads to the next section. The second section (65-164) is built on three themes. Number three (65-73, a minor) is very different from the previous ones: by its minor key and its rhythm. Number four (81-88) is still in a minor and number five (97-104) in F major. These three themes are repeated several times, which gives the section the character of a development. The third section (165-308) can be seen as a reprise of the first; it is built on the first two themes, but a striking new element is given in 201-205 and repeated in 238-241. The fourth section (309-376) gives the themes 3, 5 and 4, in that order. The coda is built on the main theme, but even here (398) Brahms presents a new element.

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