Purcell: Elegy upon the Death of Queen Mary
  • Classical music composed by Henry Purcell Henry Purcell (1659-95) O dive custos Auriacae domus (Elegy upon the Death of Queen Mary), Z 504 Text by Henry Parker (1695) Mária Víz - soprano Júlia Sárkány - soprano Katalin Hegedűs - keyboard Júlia Regős - viola da gamba Rózsafüzér Királynéja (Domonkos) templom, Budapest 2010.05.09. ******* O dive custos auriacae domus Et spes labantis certior imperi; O rebus adversis vocande, O superum decus in secundis! Seu te fluentem pronus ad Isida In vota fervens Oxonidum chorus, Seu te precantur, quos remoti Unda lavat properata Cami, Discende caelo non ita creditas Visurus aedes praesidiis tuis, Descende visurus penates Caesaris, et penetrale sacrum. Maria musis flebilis occidit, Maria, gentis deliciae brevis; O flete Mariam! flete Camoenae! O flete, Divae, dea moriente. ******* O sacred guardian of the House of Orange, And certain hope of faltering sovereignty, O thou on whom we call in our misfortunes, Our chiefest glory in prosperity! Whether to thee, prostrate by Isis' stream, Th'Oxonian chorus pays its ardent vows, Or whether they entreat thee, who are laved By hastening waters of the distant Cam, Come down from heaven to visit these thy temples, Bestowed - not thus - upon thy votaries; Come down, to see the sacred hearth and home Of Caesar, and to pass into the shrine. Mary is dead: lament now, O ye Muses! Mary, the brief delight of all our nation; O weep for Mary! weep, O soul of poesy! Weep, goddesses: divinity is dead. (translated by Bruce Wood) ******* Ó, isteni ...

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