Purcell - Now That the Sun Hath Veil'd (Baroque/Anglican/Soprano/Or
  • Classical music composed by Henry Purcell This is the same video posted before (with 446 views as of March 19, 2010) but it's been saved and uploaded in a better format and therefore this should be a higher quality than the previous one. This is a Baroque piece composed by Henry Purcell, using the words of Dr. William Fuller and performed by William Christie and Les Arts Florissants. The woman's voice is so pure and true to the music of the period, with no vibrato. I chose photos that attempt to capture the architecture of the day, especially in the cathedrals, organs and even the dress of the period. As a friend who is an Episcopal priest told me, he felt the piece was a representation of Anglican worship at it's finest. Another friend told me he always felt somehow "cleaner" after listening to Purcell. While I know that this is Baroque music I will include the word "classical" here as some lump all "old" music in that category.

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