Kunuk - Canon in D on classical guitar - with tabs
  • Classical music composed by Johann Pachelbel Tuning DADGBE Played by Kunuk Nykjaer Tabs available at guitar.kunuk.dk with information on how to play with both fingers Content --------------- 0 Intro 0:11 Tabs 3:19 Power chords 3:42 Bossa Nova --------------- Composer: Johann Pachelbel en.wikipedia.org Remember to see the Pachelbel rant if you haven't, pretty funny www.youtube.com please comment and rate! ---- Trivia: Normally it is PIMA, Guitar pro shows TIMA, thats why I annotate the right fingers as TIMA Trivia: The chord play at top right is a loop, it repeats playing D, A, Bm, F#m, G, D, G, A Trivia: Tabs from the Internet, I modified the start A chord and added right hand annotation Trivia: The flower is home grown, we ate the avocados and used the avocado stones as seeds Software used for this video: - Video editing (Corel VideoStudio) - Sheets display program (Guitar pro 5) - Sheets video recording (Camtasia) - Sound editing (GoldWave)

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