Clara Schumann's famous soirée
  • Classical music composed by Robert Schumann Concert at The Art Workers Guild, London, 26 October 2011 to celebrate Clara Schumann's soirée where Brahms performed his clarinet sonatas with Mühlfeld Terry Trickett (clarinet) Peter Croser (piano) for more information on Trickett Concerts - PROGRAMME Clara Schumann (1819 -- 1896), Romanze, Op.22, No 2. (originally for Violin and Piano) Allegretto Mit zarten Vortrage Johannes Brahms (1835 -- 1897), Sonata in Eb for Clarinet and Piano, Op.120, No 2. Allegro amabile -- Appassionato, ma non troppo Allegro -- Andante con moto Robert Schumann (1810 -- 1856), Fantasiestücke for Clarinet and Piano, Op.73. Zart und mit Ausdruck -- Lebhaft, leicht -- Rasch und mit Feuer Johannes Brahms, Sonata in F minor for Clarinet and Piano, Op.120, No 1. Allegro appassionato -- Andante un poco Adagio -- Allegretto grazioso -- Vivace During Clara Schumann's soirée, held on 13 November, 1894, Brahms confided in her that he no longer wrote for the public, but only for himself. This was no surprise to Clara because she already knew that Brahms's precursors to his late 'Autumnal' works for clarinet, his twenty piano pieces, opus 116 -119, were predominantly reflective, introspective and deeply personal. Clara and Brahms were joined at the soirée by Richard Mühlfeld, whose clarinet playing was the immediate inspiration for the composer's four late works for clarinet - the Quintet, Trio and two Sonatas. Brahms had first met the clarinettist at an arts festival in Meiningen, where ...

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