Canon in D Major Fingerstyle Classic Guitar Arrangement
  • Classical music composed by Johann Pachelbel this is a piece called Canon in Re Major (D major), composed by Johan Pachelbel and arranged to classic guitar masterfully by Jason Waldron. It's the best arrangement for Canon im familliar with so i chose to play this. I haven't practiced it enough to play it perfect but theres only few flays. I played it with a Capo on the second fret but note that its not nessecary, it's just sounds better with a capo in my opinion. About tabs, I learnt to play this from a Jason Waldron sheet music book called "popular classics vol 2", it also appears at "fingerpicking classics vol 2". as i mentioned its a sheet music and not tabs, and if you want to learn to play it you can buy one of Jason books i mentioned earlier from his site: or from a music books shop. you can also purchase it via Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc. I hope you've enjoyed !!!

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