Scarlatti Sonata in A major K 208: Brouwer (2 of 12)
  • Classical music composed by Domenico Scarlatti Cuban guitarist Leo Brouwer plays his transcriptions of 12 keyboard sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti in a magnificent (and long out-of-print) 1974 recording. Sonata in A major K. 208/ L. 238 (1753) To hear the whole set uninterrupted, go to From Brouwer's liner notes from the LP: "FORM It would be wrong to attempt to find in Scarlatti's work the formal plan of a classical sonata; but there are nevertheless analogies in structure, formal relationship and thematic conception. Whereas the traditional form is in three sections, Scarlatti maintains a balance between his two sections, including development periods at the start of the second. Contrary to traditional procedure, the final ideas presented in the first section are those which run parallel with the second half. Nor is it to be expected that the opening themes should start the second section (as is customary with German baroque). This occurs in some sonatas of the first period, called by Kirkpatrick "closed sonatas" -- see K. l (L. 336). The "open sonata" is one where the initial ideas do not open the second section. Summarising, it can be said that, excluding the initial theme which Scarlatti in general uses in the form of an "opening", the rest of the thematic ideas are developed and periodically re-presented in nearly all the compositions. Typical Scarlatti thematic patterns are in general: 1. Generative rhythmic patterns (K. 443-L. 418). Thematic cells of popular character --predominantly Spanish ...

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