Chopin - Polonaise Militaire, Opus 40, No. 1 VICTOR GOLDBERG Piano
  • Classical music composed by Frédéric Chopin Like Victor Goldberg's Facebook page: More recordings and Join the Mailing List: Learn about and support Victor Goldberg's charitable causes: Book Victor Goldberg for concerts and masterclasses with NED Classical Enterprises: Personal inquiries: Jerusalem Center on Mount Scopus Anthon Rubinstein saw in this Polonaise a picture of the greatness of Poland. Otto Neitzel defined it "a solemn procession of heroes" Koczalsky imagines "a legion of victorius heroes returning to their fatherland, full of noble chivalrous pride" and "the blare of trumpets saluting their glorious leader" Cortot: "the glorious evocation of native land"

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