Ruggiero Ricci: Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64 - Movement 3 (Men
  • Classical music composed by Felix Mendelssohn Ricardo Odnoposoff: Mendelssohn, Op. 64, Movement 3: Ricci - Zigeunerweisen in C minor, Op. 20 (Sarasate): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Images: 0:39, bronze statue of Mendelssohn in Dittrichring, in the east side of the old Gewandhaus in Leipzig's music district, across from St. Thomas's Church (dedicated in 2008); 0:56, opening of violin solo; 1:36, track listing; 2:34, LP jacket cover; 2:41 record label; 2:57, label detail; 5:18, detail of an image of the original Mendelssohn statue in front of the Leipzig Gewandhaus, which was removed by Leipzig's National Socialist mayor, Rudolf Haake on November 9, 1936 (and whose fate is unknown); close of video, image of the original Mendelssohn statue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ruggiero Ricci performs the third movement of the Op. 64 E minor violin concerto by Felix Mendelssohn. Pierino Gamba conducts the London Symphony Orchestra in this recording (which dates to 1957) on an LP entitled "Violin Meditations - Romantic Violin melodies," issued on the London "Viva" budget label, serial number 414 011-1 LV. The LP is a compilation of several tracks (see below) previously released on other London LPs. Movement 3: Allegro molto vivace Gramophone Magazine said this about Ricci: "Ruggiero Ricci's 1975 pairing of the Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky Violin Concertos shows this artist at the very height of his lyrical and technical powers and both these performances are romantically charged in the most ...

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