Gabriel Grovlez: 4 pieces from 'L'Almanach aux Images'
  • Classical music 1 - Les Marionnettes (The Puppets); 4 - Chanson du Chasseur (Huntsman's song) ; 5 - Les Ânes (The Donkeys) ; 7 - Chanson de l'Escarpolette 'L'Almanach aux Images', a set of eight short piano pieces, is perhaps Grovlez' best-known work, and these four pieces complete my recording of the set - the other four appear on other videos which I made over a year ago. Each piece in 'L'Almanach aux Images'is prefaced by a poem by the French 'fantaisiste' poet Tristan Klingsor (1874-1966). He is still in EU copyright for a long time to come, so I will not reproduce the poems. Grovlez (1879-1944) was a French pianist and conductor, who premiered Ravel's Sonatine in 1906.

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