Markus Wargh - JS Bach Toccata F Major BWV 540
  • Classical music composed by Johann Sebastian Bach Recorded in Lulea Cathedral Apr 2010. Markus Wargh was born 1969 in Jakobstad, Finland. He studied organ playing and improvisation at the Sibelius Academy and received his diploma with the highest honors possible in 1991. During 1992-1995 he continued his studies at the Piteå College of Music. He was awarded the degree of Concert Organist in 1995. Markus Wargh's superb talents at improvising have drawn great acclaim. Creating music on the impulse of the moment has always been an important part of Wargh's artistry. He often improvises together with other instrumentalists and singers. The combination of different instruments has paved the way for a new, very creative and interesting music. As an interpreter of classical music he often performs organ works by Bach, for example, in addition to the great romantic virtuoso organ works. Wargh has performed widely both in his native Finland and in other Nordic countries. He has also taken part in many organ festivals and has made several radio and TV recordings. In the Lahti Organ Festival of 1992 he was chosen the Young Organist of the year. During 1995-2001 he taught organ playing and improvisation at the Piteå College of Music. At present he is working as Concert Organist and Cathedral Organist in the Cathedral of Luleå.

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