Beethoven Symphony No. 9 - Verdi tuning (part 1)
  • Classical music composed by Ludwig van Beethoven In a series of concerts, being performed as integral parts of Schiller Institute events, the LaRouche Youth Movement has presented their work on the final chorus of Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th Symphony, set to the text of Friedrich Schiller's Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joy). This achievement by an amateur chorus would have been virtually impossible if not for the rigorous working out of the ideas behind the notes and words, the passion of reliving the experience of creativity, and, last but not least, rehearsing and performing the work in the scientifically correct musical tuning of C=256 Hz, rather than the prevalent, anti-musical and vocally destructive tuning of the Romantic School's A=440 or higher (see below). This studio recording, which we now present to you, should be seen as a demonstration of what a group of passionate young people, most of them without any prior musical education, are able to achieve when the pursuit of happiness and commitment to creating a better future, become greater than the common pessimistic small-mindedness. Take this as an example of what the next generations have the potential to create, if they are given the means to do so. And in that case, this will signify the first steps toward a new Classical Renaissance for Mankind! It should also be mentioned that throughout history, Beethoven's 9th symphony has at times been misused for political purposes. The latest in this series of perversions is Herbert von Karajan's reductionist ...

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