Vivaldi Concerto
  • Classical music composed by Antonio Vivaldi Kozo Yoshida Guitarra Orqesta was founded in the year 1962 at Tokyo, Japan. The players here play common guitar music pieces with ordinary classical guitars. As seen in this video clip, all of the guitars were produced in 19th century, they are not replica models. The sound and harmony are very elegant and spiritual. This piece of music, originally composed for playing by 2 mandolins with orchestra, has been transcribed for playing with the guitar, by Kozo Yoshida who is seen on the far right of the front row. Two guitarists, on the left side of the front row, Shinji Yanagi (far left) and Ken-ichii Suzuki (right to Shinji) are playing the 1st and 2nd parts of mandolin respectively. 吉田光三ギター合奏団(1962年結成)による19世紀に製作されたオリジナルギター(レプリカではない)を用いてのアンサンブル。現代ギターにはない優雅な響きです。ヴィヴァルディの2つのマンドリンのための協奏曲(RV532)をギター用にアレンジしました。

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