Ingolf Wunder (A) Chopin Competition 2010 1st price for best Concert
  • Classical music composed by Frédéric Chopin 1st price for best piano concerto 1st price for best intepretation Polonaise-Fantasie 1st "vote for the winners" - at the official polish piano competition side Controversial Chopin competition verdict stuns music lovers Most Polish critics and professional musicians reacted to the news that Yulianna Avdeeva won the International Chopin Piano Competition last night with disbelief and astonishment, in one of the most controversial jury decisions in years. The consensus before the verdict was announced late last night was that Ingolf Wunder of Austria, who eventually shared the Second Prize with Lucas Geniusas of Russia/Lithuania, was the more worthy of the top award than Avdeeva of Russia. Musicologist Marek Dyżewski, a former rector of the Music Academy in Wrocław, told Polish Radio that the Russian pianist failed to communicate the beauty of Chopin's music in her interpretations. In his view, the result could be harmful for the future of the Warsaw Chopin Competition as the best pianists may feel reluctant to take part in the event, anticipating an unfair verdict. Kacper Miklaszewski of the Ruch Muzyczny periodical says that Avdeeva has all the makings of a classical music star who is able to attract the crowds, but her interpretations lack the spirit of Chopin's music. Lidia Kozubek, a prominent pianist of the older generation, describes the verdict as "terrifying". .......... 21.10.2010 11:54 OÖN 21.10.2010: Der österreichische Pianist ...

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