Rafael Mendez - Haydn Trumpet Concerto
  • Classical music composed by Franz Joseph Haydn In this second installment of the Rafael Mendez special entitled "The Trumpet," Mendez begins with discussing the origins of the trumpet and then plays an exceptional rendition of the third movement of the Haydn trumpet concerto.

    For those of you familiar with this piece it will be a breath of fresh air to hear Mendez's version. This was the first piece written for the keyed trumpet, and Haydn wrote this concerto to really showcase this brand new instrument. Unlike other classical trumpet performances of this piece where the trumpet sounds like a part of the orchestra, Mendez electrifies the show by playing with such vigor and virtuosity. I think Mendez is doing Haydn a great favor by playing this piece not as part of an orchestra, but as a trumpet player. Haydn intended this to showcase the trumpet, and Mr. Mendez does just that.

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