Praeludium and Allegro - PUGNANI - Violin by Uto Ughi Live
  • Classical music The Praeludium and Allegro, composed by Gaetano Pugnani, executed by UTO UGHI. Uto Ughi is an Italian violinist and is playing the Praeludium and Allegro with his GUARNIERI's VIOLIN (1700) Uto Ughi has at one time or another possessed five antique violins: the Van Houten-Kreutzer of 1701, and the Sinsheimer-General Kyd-Perlman of 1714 crafted by Antonio Stradivari; as well as the Kortschak; ex-Wurlitzer of 1739, the Ole Bull of 1744, and the Cariplo-Hennel-Rosé of 1744 made by Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù. More about Italy in: Uto Ughi was the music director of l'Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia from 1992-1997. He is considered one of Italy's greatest living violinists and is also active in the promotion of classical music in today's culture GAETANO PUGNANI Gaetano Pugnani (27 November 1731 15 July 1798, Gaetano Pugnani was born in Turin, He trained on the violin under Giovanni Battista Somis and Giuseppe Tartini. In 1752, Pugnani became the first violinist of the Royal Chapel in Turin. Then he went on a large tour that granted him great fame for his extraordinary skill on the violin. In 1754, he was very well-received at the Concert Spiritual in Paris, but in 1768 he had an even more successful musical encounter in London, directing the King's Theatre from 1767 to 1769. In 1770, Pugnani returned home to Turin and became the director of the Royal Chapel. His fame as a composer began to grow, but it would never equal his fame ...

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