CONCERTO ANTICO I. Alborada - concerto for guitar and small orchestr
  • Classical music composed by- Richard Harvey (ex band member of rock band Gryphon) performed by John Williams with the London Symphony Orchestra This is my impression of this piece: the moment of CREATION. Trust me, this is such an under rated concerto, it's very very good. REVIEW: Although Richard Harvey is now most known for his part as a conductor with the London Symphony Orchestra and for his film scoring, he started his musical career in a progressive rock outfit called Gryphon, made up of a group of his classmates from the Royal College of Music. The sound of the group was based not so much on the electric guitar and bass as on the bassoon and various other strange instruments. The medieval dance measures used in their music at that time must have seemed as if from another planet. They made several beautiful if unusual records, including the highly polished and well produced Red Queen to Gryphon Three. The record has highly acclaimed by critics but as an instrumental recording with no easy tunes it was inevitably destined to relative pop obscurity. At around that time John Williams came into the scene as a member of another similar outfit, that besides him on the guitar included among others the former leader of Curved Air, Francis Monkmann, and pianist Steve Gray, with guest appearances by Rick Wakeman from Yes and Nicky Hopkins, who had played in a great number of groups including the early Steve Miller Band, the Rolling Stones and Quicksilver Messenger Service. In the late ...

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