Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- Requiem in D minor, K626 (FULL PERFORMANCE)
  • Classical music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart WA Mozart's Requiem Mass, full and uncut. Completed by Franz Xaver Sussmayer. __ Mozart's Requiem Mass (Mass #19, K626) in D Minor, written in 1791. 14 Movements. Approx 55 minutes typically. Scored for: SATB Choir SATB Soloists 2 Fagoti 2 Basset Horns 2 Trumpets in D 3 Trombones (ATB) Timpani Strings (2 Violin, Viola, Cello) Baso Continuo and Organo Movements: Introitus Kyrie Dies Irae Tuba Mirum Rex Tremendae Recordare Confutatis Maledictis Lacrimosa Domine Iesu Christe Hostias Sanctus Benedictus Agnus Dei Lux Aeterna Possibly the most mysterious classical work ever writ, this mass is not truly of Mozart by himself, but a collaboration between four composers: Sussmayer, Eybler, Freystadler, and Mozart himself. After falling ill, Mozart passed away during the writing of the Requiem- his final pieces written were bars 1-8 of the "Lacrimosa" (26:29). From there, Freystadler placed in a ninth and tenth measure, while Eybler worked on the Offertorium movements (Domine Iesu, Hostias). Soon after, the two composers abandoned the Requiem, leaving it to Sussmayer, a close friend and former pupil of the Court Composer, Antonio Salieri, to see to the completion of the mass. He removed the "Freystadler Measures" from the lacrimose, and completed the mass, claiming the Agnus Dei and Sanctus to his own hand. The rest is believed to be completed using "Scraps of Paper" left by Mozart, which had sketches for the remaining movements. Mozart's cause of death is still unknown. Since ...

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