NEAPOLITAN MUSIC - Italian mandolin by Antonio & Linda Calsolaro "T
  • Classical music Neapolitan music by the mandolin of the Italian maestro Antonio Calsolaro, NAPOLI MUSIC the most fresh and sweet TE VOJO BENE ASSAJE - 1835 (Ti voglio bene assai = I love you so much = Te quiero mucho in Napoli language, also called Caruso).. Music from Napoli "Te vojo bene assai" part of the Italian history. ITALIAN MUSIC of NAPOLI with a Neapolitan Mandolin and classical guitar executed by the Mandolin Maestro Antonio Calsolaro and his sister the Guitar Maestro Linda Calsolaro during the live concert at the beautiful PALAZZO ROMASI at Alessano Lecce in the very heel of Italy. The Maestro Calsolaro offered this concert as specail TRIBUTE TO NAPOLI and plays the traditional and classical Neapolitan songs with his Mandolin for more info about the Italian mandolin and the Maestro lessons visit: TE VOJO BENE ASSAJE is an incredible and beautiful song of the traditional Neapolitan culture composed by SACCO 1835. MUSIC OF NAPLES with MANDOLIN by Maestro Antonio Calsolaro The music of Naples (heart of the Italian music) played by the incredible Mandolin and Guitar of the Maestro Antonio Calsolaro and Linda Calsolaro are: "Luna Nova, Di Giacomo - Costa", "Scétate, Russo - Costa", "Catarì, Di Giacomo - Costa", "Serenata Napulitana, Di Giacomo - Costa", "Te Voju bene assaje, Sacco", "Serenatella, Bovio - Valente", "Reginella, Bovio - Lama", "Funiculì Funiculà, Turco - Denza" There are various kinds of mandolins in use in Italy; they bear the names of ...

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