Edith Mathis - WA Mozart "Exsultate, jubilate" (Part l) Allegro
  • Classical music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart WA Mozart "Exsultate, jubilate" (Part l) Allegro Edith Mathis - Soprano Bernhard Klee - Conductor Staatskapelle Dresden Paintings: Philipp Otto Runge (1977 - 1810) Special thanks to fj5a017 for his kind advice about Philipp Otto Runge Philipp Otto Runge was born on July 23, 1777 as the ninth of ten children in Wolgast (West Pomerania). His parents, the shipping company owner and merchant Daniel Nicolas Runge and Magdalena Dorothea Runge were wealthy protestant townspeople. As a boy Runge was often ill. At the Wolgast town school, which he attended from 1789, he was intellectually challenged by his teacher Gotthard Ludwig Kosegarten, who introduced him to 'Sturm und Drang' and Classical literature and philosophy. After school, where his artistic talent had already been identified by Kosegarten, Runge began an apprenticeship as a merchant in Hamburg in 1795. His brother Daniel introduced him to young poets and art lovers in Hamburg. From 1797 Philipp Otto Runge took drawing lessons under Joachim Herterich. His yearning to become a painter grew. He received instructions in drawing from Gert Hardorff the Elder and in oil painting from Dietrich Eckhart. From 1799 he studied at the Copenhagen art academy. During his studies Runge met Friderike Brun, who considerably influenced Runge with her art collection and her circle of friends. In 1801, towards the end of his studies, Philipp Otto Runge returned to Wolgast. In Greifswald, he met Caspar David Friedrich in person, but in ...

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