Gaetano Donizetti - L'elisir d'amore - "Tra-la-la-la" (Peter Dvo
  • Classical music composed by Gaetano Donizetti In Italian opera the Act One Finale seems to be the most important part of the whole evening: something very important is bound to happen just before or during the finale, so the whole finale is usually either devoted to something crucial happening between the main characters, to characters reacting to the event or, in some cases, to both things at the same time. Moreover, the emotions usual run very high with lower voices snarling effectively, sopranos and tenors brandishing high Cs and coloratura roulandes, the chorus and comprimarios confused, at best. The First Act Finale to "L'elisir d'amore" really isn't s break of traditon but it can claim fully its' originality of form and of music :)! Despite concert and recording practices, the present finale is actually formed out of three almost independent numbers (but they are connected into a cohesive whole): Adina's and Nemorino's second duet; the subsequent terzettino with Belcore and the finale proper (complete with the traditional "scene - andante - allegro" structure). The duettino starts after a short scene as Nemorino tries to make Adina believe that he is uninterested with her, while the latter is a bit shocked to see her faithful follower turn away from her. A classical contrasting succession of "andante - allegro" is made interesting by the fact that both movements use the same words to show the changing emotions of the characters: Adina is at first unable to understand the sudden change in Nemorino's behavior but ...

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