Spanish Dance No. 2 (Oriental); GUITAR DUO MARKO & NEVEN UKRAINCZYK
  • Classical music Guitar Duo Marko & Neven Ukrainczyk, concert held 24.10.2008. on occasion of: 89th Anniversary Celebration of Chemical Engineering Faculty in Zagreb, Croatia, (Don't forget to watch in high quality!) CONCERT REPERTOIRE 1.'Panaderos Flamenco': Esteban de Sanlucar (1910 - 1989), arranged by Marko Ukrainczyk - 2nd guitar partiture. 2.'Candela': Manolo Sanlucar (1945 - ), arranged by Neven Ukrainczyk - 2nd guitar partiture. 3.' Spanish Dance No. 2 (Oriental)': Enrique Granados (1867 - 1916) A detailed review on compositions performed, on composers and on performers is given here: Audience: about 100 people GUITAR DUO MARKO & NEVEN UKRAINCZYK have started performing immediately after the birth of twins in 1979. when they had their first singing duo, in which Marko had an opening solo for about 10 min. They developed interest in music thanks to their family (septet) which stimulated music-making, especially their mother which was their first guitar teacher. After finishing primary music school ''Vatroslav Lisinski'' in Zagreb at prof. Felix Spiller, they formed rock group Twins, and later Krug Lutaka (The Circle of Puppets), performing mostly original music pieces. During the student days, the guitar was their serious hobby, and they advanced in the guitar styles of classics, fingerstyle and jazz. They recorded one album 'The Sound of Spain' in their own production in home-made studio LiveStudio, while the second album is ...

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