Rachmaninoff: Prelude Op.23 No.5
  • Classical music composed by Sergei Rachmaninoff The prelude that introduced me to classical music. Played by one of my favourite pianists, Sviatoslav Richter. I find that this is the best version, even though I think that Emil Gilels' version is good aswell. Enjoy :) The Prelude in G minor, Op. 23 No. 5 is a composition by Sergei Rachmaninoff completed 1901. It was included in his Opus 23 set of ten preludes despite having been written two years earlier than the other nine. It is an epitome of Rachmaninoff's Russian nationalism, rife with full chords and evocative melodies. The prelude's form is similar to that of a traditional three-part rondo, consisting of an opening "A" section with punctuated sixteenth-note chords (marked Alla marcia), a more lyrical and melancholy "B" section with arpeggiated triplets in the left hand (marked Poco meno mosso), a transition into the original tempo, and a recapitulation of the initial march. Despite the bombast of the main march theme, the piece ends with a short arpeggiated run to a high G, marked pianissimo. Although the g minor prelude is not considered one of the most technically challenging preludes, the speed of the march section and its thick repeated chords require both strong wrists and dynamic control, while the middle section requires a controlled legato in both hands to ensure that the melody is properly projected. -Wikipedia

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