Some of the Most Beautiful Symphonies
  • Classical music This is a selection of some of the most beautiful symphonies: 1) Leopold Mozart: Toy Symphony. 2) Joseph Haydn: London Symphony. 3) Wolfgang A. Mozart: Symphony 40. 4) Wolfgang A. Mozart: Symphony 41. 5) Ludwig v. Beethoven: Symphony 3 (Eroica). 6) Ludwig v. Beethoven: Symphony 5. 7) Ludwig v. Beethoven: Symphony 6(Pastoral). 8) Ludwig v. Beethoven: Symphony 9 (Choral). 9) Franz Schubert: Symphony 8 "Unfinished". 10) Hector Berlioz: Symphony Fantastique. 11) Felix Mendelssohn: Symphony 4. 12) Anton Bruckner: Symphony 4 "Romantic". 13) Johannes Brahms: Symphony 4. 14) Antonin Dvorak: New World Symphony (No.9). 15) Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky: Symphony 4. 16) Gustav Mahler: Symphony 5. This video is not meant to disparage the works of other composers. There are lots of beautiful pieces that aren't included here, this is just a selection, it's almost impossible to include them all in one video, considering the maximum length and the editing work it involves. Anyway, I hope you like it!

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