Philip Glass - The American Four Seasons (Violin Concerto No. 2) Mov
  • Classical music I had to cut the first 15 seconds :( "When people, especially in North America, get over the hangup that Glass is not supposed to be considered a serious classical music composer, despite numerous operas, symphonies, concerti and ballets, and despite their enduring popularity in Europe, or that he is a nails-on-the-blackboard minimalist, despite some of the most transporting melodies written in the last century, they will recognize that his music, and especially his recent direction, constitutes a landmark in 20-21st century "serious" music. This violin concerto is a good example. It his his second violin concerto, the first having achieved repetition in a variety of media (check youtube for this) for its transcendent second movement. The American 4 seasons, his second violin concerto represents a more mature Glass style, of far greater complexity and with memorable qualities throughout, from first to last note. Due it its complexity, it may not be completely accessible on first hearing, but repeated listening brings great rewards in enjoyment. A review of the Glass concerto output (violin, cello, concerto grosso, piano, saxophone quartet, etc.) reveals that his second movements are outstanding for their melodic lyricism and this concerto's second movement even exceeds the others in that regard. Glass's most recent concerti have tended to opt for a slow final movement, choosing tranquility over fireworks, as is especially true in the second piano concerto ("Lewis and ...

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