Pianoteq vs. Petrof
  • Classical music At the 2008 Music Bridges International festival in Prague, pianist Hugh Sung compares two pianos - one digital, by Pianoteq (keyboard controller by Bohemia), the other acoustic, by Petrof, playing a small segment of Debussy's "Clair de lune". At the end of the clip, Hugh refers to a "piano tasting" radio news piece that was aired on WHYY in Philadelphia. You can read the original post at www.hughsung.com or you can go directly to the audio clips here: www.whyy.org www.whyy.org Pianoteq is the virtual piano program being developed by Modartt in France (www.pianoteq.com ) For more about Hugh Sung and his forays into technologies for the classical musician, please visit http For more information about Music Bridges International, please visit: www.musicbridgesinternational.com

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