Schindler's List: Hampshire Guitar Orchestra+Bruce Paine
  • Classical music Hampshire Guitar Orchestra (HAGO) and Bruce Paine, play Schindler's List at the magnificent St Agatha's Church, Portsmouth. Visit our hagoguitar channel for many more videos & more styles. This was filmed in St Agatha's Church Portsmouth on the evening of the London bombings, in July 2005. The Hampshire Guitar Orchestra's concert finale was the theme from Schindler's List - soloist Bruce Paine - and was dedicated to all those caught up in the horrific events earlier that day. HAGO is a Classical Guitar Orchestra - in this clip, we play prime (classical guitar) plus bass and contra guitars. In other videos here on our hagoguitar channel, we add alto guitars as well for a more crisp and vibrant sound. Find out more about our alto classical guitar, our classical bass guitar and our contra guitar (sometimes called the classical contrabass guitar) on our website at hago's Musical Director and arranger is Derek Hasted. HAGO plays music in a wide variety of styles - check out our other videos some foot-tapping music - Leroy Anderson, Michael Praetorius, Elton John, Luc Levesque, Anton Dvorak, Karl Jenkins, and, ahem, Status Quo - all for Classical Guitar Orchestra, HAGO-style... We play concerts all over the south of England in aid of local charities - come and hear our concert programme - we play 20 guitar ensemble pieces in almost 20 styles from Renaissance and Baroque through Classical, Film, TV and Pop, all with the unique harp-like sound that a guitar ...

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