Zdenko Fibich Poem Performed by Ray Cruz on Clavinova
  • Classical music composed by Zdeněk Fibich Now download MP3 here: www.ergonica.net . Ray Cruz interprets 'Poem' from the romantic era by Zdenko Fibich in a romantic piano style. The Clavinova is also a vintage classic - the CVP-30 ... still performs marvelously over nearly 20 years (only needed a little WD-40 when one key got stuck)! For piano buffs, this edition of Poem was published by G. Schirmer, Inc., copyright 1920, transcribed by Erno Rapée. Judging from what is played on YouTube and other media, this edition is much more robust and satisfying for the pianist (and listener) than what is usually performed. I must confess: I did repeat the main section which repitition was not in the book. Mea culpa! I'm curious, does anyone else play this version of Poem by Fibich? Be sure to visit my channel for more interesting stuff.

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