Johann Nepomuk Hummel - Trumpet Concerto - 1.Mov. - Chananel Sichrov
  • Classical music composed by Johann Nepomuk Hummel In the of March 2009 Chananel Sichrovský (CZE-16.years) plays JN Hummel´s trumpet concerto Es dur Movement. Hehas been playing the trumpet 10. years. On the Brass and Drums competition. He won 1. place with succession. (Region) (24,75 points from 25.00) Place: Jičín - ZUŠ (CZE) Played the: Trumpet: Vincent Bach Stradivarius Model 43. (B Trumpet) Excerpt: Music isn't about competing, just check the Dizzy & André video and you see that great players are respecting each other and have fun playing together, not competing against each other. BY: Trumpetvideos In a few days Chananel Sichrovský was on the Brass and Drums competition. He was from whole Czech Republic (Just his Category). He was very happy, and he will play more and more! :-)

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