5/6 Radetzky March 2011 New Year´s Concert Vienna, Finale, Johann S
  • Classical music composed by Johann Strauss II CD and DVD from this concert and tickets for next years to order: www.wienerphilharmoniker.at On January 1, 2011, Franz Welser-Möst takes up the baton for the annual Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert, which in terms of its international coverage represents the largest classical music event in the world. This year's concert will once again be broadcast on television and radio to over 70 countries worldwide. The CD recording of this concert will be released on January 7th, with the release of the DVD following one week later on January 14th. The Blu-ray disc will be released on February 11th. All of these recordings can now be ordered here at the Vienna Philharmonic E-Shop. Großer Musikvereinssaal in Vienna Dirigent: Franz Welser-Möst. Johann Strauß: Reiter Marsch, op. 428 Johann Strauß: Donauweibchen, Walzer, op. 427 Johann Strauß: Amazonen Polka, op. 9 Johann Strauß: Debut-Quadrille, op. 2 Joseph Lanner: Die Schönbrunner, Walzer, op. 200 Johann Strauß: Mutig voran!, Polka schnell, op. 432 Johann Strauß: Csárdás aus "Ritter Pasman" Johann Strauß: Abschiedsrufe, Walzer, op 179 Johann Strauß (Vater): Furioso-Galopp nach Liszts Motiven, op. 114 Franz Liszt: Mephisto-Walzer 1 Josef Strauß: Aus der Ferne, Polka Mazur, op. 270 Johann Strauß: Spanischer Marsch, op. 433 Joseph Hellmesberger: Zigeunertanz aus "Die Perle von Iberien" Johann Strauß (Vater): Cachucha Galopp, op. 97 Joseph Strauß: Mein Lebenslauf ist Lieb und Lust, Walzer, op. 263 Eduard Strauß: Ohne Aufenthalt ...

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