Ai Giochi Addio by Natasha Marsh - A Time for Us (Screens by Josephi
  • Classical music Natasha Marsh is a Welsh operatic soprano. A highly-regarded performer in both opera and oratorio, her debut album, Amour, topped the classical album charts in 2007. "Ai Giochi Addio" is a love song written by Italian composer Nino Rota (1911 - 1979) in 1968. There are 3 versions as far as I know: Version 1 - "Romeo and Juliet" (1968), an Oscar-winning movie adaptation of the William Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. The film is directed by Franco Zeffirelli. The film's "love theme" is called "What Is a Youth", with lyrics by Eugene Walter. Version 2 - "A Time for Us", featured lyrics written by Larry Kusik and Eddie Snyder. Version 3 - "Ai Giochi Addio" with lyrics by Elsa Morante, and has become very popular by opera superstar Luciano Pavarotti, and later, by Natasha Marsh. Josh Groban has done another version titled "Un Giorno Per Noi", an Italian version of "A Time For Us". Josephine Wall is a popular English fantasy artist and sculptor. Her paintings are mainly influenced and inspired by Arthur Rackham, with lesser influences from surrealist artists such as Magritte and Dalí, and the romanticism of the pre-Raphaelites. Ai giochi addio Lyrics Ai giochi addio per sempre, sì, non sono più cose per te, ai giochi addio Chissà perchè nemmeno tu ancora spiergatelo non puoi Tu attendi un ospite favoloso e incognito, non sai che nome ha Forse il suo nome è dolcezza, ma forse invece è amaro. Forse il suo nome è splendore, ma forse invece è oscuro Tu vuoi scoprire i suoi ...

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