Stravinsky Petrouchka (1/4)
  • Classical music composed by Igor Stravinsky Part 1: Igor Stravinsky: Petrouchka, Ballet in Four Parts -- Even the most stubborn Stravinsky-hater, just like me, will find it hard to resist Petrouchka. Comedy rarely found in too many ballets are found plenty here, and the primal music and the even-more-primal Petrouchka will make you roar with laughter. Or maybe its just me. Its not the best production, but since there was none on Youtube and personally, I find actually seeing the ballet much enjoyable than just listening to the music. The plot adds another deep layer of fun in it. As I said, there should be better ones, but hopefully you should be able to enjoy it at least. PS Make sure you pay attention to the Petrouchka chord. Similar elements can be found that is also found in Wagners operas. Might as well call this chord a sort of a leitmotif.

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