PURCELL: Rondeau From Abdelazer Suite (Instrumental)
  • Classical music composed by Henry Purcell Passing Through: www.youtube.com - Friends, Please visit my Poet friend "Passing Through's" YouTube channel: www.youtube.com , and support him - Thanks :) Henry Purcell (September 10, 1659--November 21, 1695), a Baroque composer, is generally considered to be one of England's greatest composers. He has often been called England's finest native composer. Purcell incorporated Italian and French stylistic elements but devised a peculiarly English style of Baroque music. Abdelazer or The Moor's Revenge is a musical composition based upon the Play Abdelazer by Aphra Behns, a tragedy. Abdelazer is the son of the King of Fez who has been captured and killed by the King of Spain. Devoting his life to revenge, Abdelazer begins by accepting the advances of the lascivious Queen of Spain, and then proceeds to slay the King of Spain, his son, and then the Queen herself. He is finally slain by the King's other son, Philip. Z 570, Incidental Music, Abdelazer or The Moor's Revenge (1695) Movt. 1, Overture Suite Movt. 2, Rondeau Movt. 3, Air Movt. 4, Air Movt. 5, Minuet Movt. 6, Air Movt. 7, Jig Movt. 8, Hornpipe Movt. 9, Air Movt. 10, Song, "Lucinda is bewitching fair" (We appreciate Wikipaedia's contributions in the descriptions here)

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