HD: Mozart's SONATA for TWO PIANOS - Anderson & Roe
  • Classical music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart www.andersonroe.com | We had trouble uploading files that worked well in both normal quality and high definition settings, so we uploaded two different files. Please select the version that works best for you. Thank you for your patience! To watch in high definition Please click "WATCH IN HD" below the video. If you prefer faster loading time, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS COPY OF THE VIDEO. Watch this video instead: www.youtube.com *** Music: Sonata in D major for Two Pianos, K. 448 -- Allegro con spirito -- composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart *** Pianists: Greg Anderson & Elizabeth Joy Roe *** Venue: Morse Recital Hall at Sprague Hall at the Yale School of Music *** Direction: The Anderson & Roe Piano Duo *** Camera Work: Carl Berdahl, Greg Anderson, and Elizabeth Joy Roe *** Audio Engineer: Eugene Kimball *** Video Editing: Greg Anderson *** Piano Technician: William Harold *** Concept: The Anderson & Roe Piano Duo www.andersonroe.com . .

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